What people are saying about Eva

If I had to describe Eva’s work using one word, I would pick INTEGRITY. Eva approaches her work and her clients with the utmost respect, fairness, sincerity, love, and a very real sense of wanting to help in all that she can. Her intuition and ability to zero in on key issues make her one of the most genuine individuals I have ever met. Arnulfo J. Vargas, MSW, ACSW

Eva Yaa Asantewaa is an enormously gifted practitioner. Her Tarot readings, healing sessions, and classes have helped me see what I could not see, understand what seemed incomprehensible, and glimpse a level of joy, compassion, and inner power that sometimes seems beyond me. She is a brilliant teacher and a true healer. I trust her completely. Gerry Gomez Pearlberg

Still waters run deep. And so it is with Eva. In the 13 years we have worked together, I have never encountered her without being newly impressed by the calm, quiet power of her unmistakably regal presence. I have never ceased to be awed by the endless depths of her creativity: her organic ability to grow, to unfold, to gently transform the means by which she makes her knowledge, her wisdom, her healing and intuitive gifts available to others. And I never hesitate to recommend her as a teacher or to refer a client for healing. Eva is a talented and generous communicator and a tireless community builder who gracefully blends social justice with spiritual harmony. She is truly Wisewoman, Priestess, Poet, Healer, Adept. Susan Merrie Hellerer

To be in the presence of Eva Yaa Asantewaa is to luxuriate in a melange of knowledge, magic, dance and dignity. Every encounter with her engenders a feeling as calm and grounding as it is sparkling. She is a gift. -- Donna Robin Lippman

Eva’s meditation and creative visualization classes made it possible for me to access parts of my subconscious/unconscious mind that have not made themselves known to me through other forms of meditation. She uses the imagination as an ally to send the conscious mind off on a journey, permitting that which lies underneath the constant chatter to come forth and be heard. She teaches some fairly universal, simple, and accessible methods to interpret this unearthed material so that it can be applied to one's conscious path. Eva Yaa Asantewaa is a very gifted healer and teacher; the Spirit has chosen her as a vehicle for its expression on this plane, and I am privileged to have found her as a guide. Alexandra Soltow

This past year I met Eva Yaa Asantewaa when she moderated a panel discussion on women and healing. She impressed me with her eloquence, grace and compassion.

I also read Tarot, and so I know what to look for. Eva is possibly the best reader I have ever encountered. She was right there for me. I felt her reading was very accurate, sometimes not obviously, but in talking through the cards I'd discover that looked at from a slightly different angle, she was amazingly close. We really looked into some very personal areas and she dealt with my issues and problems with tremendous compassion and was non-judgmental and very helpful in allowing me to find the best way to look at an issue to see how to achieve a resolution or work toward one.

The future is not cast in stone; we can achieve positive changes when we are aware of the effects of the past and the influence of the present. Eva is a master at interpreting the past, present and future to help you find your balance point.

If you want to hear that you will meet Mr./Ms. Right, gain money, fame, whatever . . . see the fortuneteller on the corner with her $10 special. If you want a good reading of your life, a tool to help you grow and achieve your goals, I highly recommend Eva! Mary Cremen

I first met Eva when I attended one of her workshops. Her gentle guidance led us on a journey with the Tarot. I had a real breakthrough on my spiritual path and know that her wise energy was part of what enabled that. Later I invited Eva to lead a workshop at my own healing center, Healing Path Farm. Again, her gentleness and wisdom were effective in helping people have meaningful spiritual experiences. I have great respect for Eva professionally and great gratitude personally. I give my wholehearted support and endorsement to her important work. May blessings abound in her direction. Sharon Blessum

I feel joy and gratitude for having the opportunity to work with Eva for many years. She is such a center and a moment of grace in this world, the kind of person I describe as "quiet fire." Her wisdom, her intellect, and her compassion are intensely felt whether she is demonstrating a healing technique, describing a Tarot card, or delighting in the special song of a bird in the distance. She is awesome. Simply being in her presence is a healing experience. I love Eva and trust and respect her deeply. I recommend her work for anyone wishing to take that next courageous step.Daughn Lee

My Tarot sessions with Eva were inspiring and insightful. Based on her loving and gentle suggestions, I actually changed direction on a couple of issues, and the results proved that those decisions were right. Eva worked with me as a whole person. All of my inner and outer influences--recent experiences, karmic positioning, emotional and spiritual realities--were carefully considered and lovingly addressed. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Eva is truly tuned in, and operating at a very high level of our various realities. Jackie Sheeler

You are awesome, Eva! Thank you for the inspiring and creative contributions you have offered in the development of our Temple. Your patient commitment to supervise our process and the accuracy of your readings for our re-direction, have helped us realize our vision of opening the first Goddess Temple on Staten Island! With love and gratitude, may you be graced with the blessings of HER bounty in all ways! --Rev. Adrianne Cumberbatch/Lady A

It was my honor when Eva Yaa Asantewaa created and read poetry for my Middle Eastern dance concerts. When she read at my July 2003 Manhattan event, the audience was so attentive you could hear a pin drop. She read again at my June 2005 dance production, and when she finished, she danced some sexy taksim belly dance moves and the audience lost it! I call Eva a wise woman. She is a friend and artist with deep insight and intuition in life. Sandra Catena