PSYCHIC TAROT FOR YOU (audio version)

Since ancient times, people have inscribed, drawn, painted, and sculpted symbolic images that serve as vessels for powerful, transformative energy. These diverse images focus attention, activate awareness, and alter consciousness, acting upon our bodies, emotions, psyches, and spiritual selves. The use of Tarot imagery in divination, meditation, and ritual partakes in this age-old tradition.

A Tarot reading is not a fortune-telling session. A consultation with Tarot reveals a dynamic collage of your past, present, and potential. Just as your present grows out of your fertile past, so does your future grow out of the person you are today, the resources you have, and the clear intentions you affirm. The future is influenced and shaped by shifts in your imagination, attitudes, ideas, and actions. Your Tarot reading can support you in discovering your soul’s blueprint and deciding how you will use it to build a strong, beautiful, successful life.

Your Past

Everything you have experienced, felt, thought, learned, and chosen in life brings you to your current identity, status, and situation. Your Tarot session examines these roots and helps you better understand your present-day tendencies, choices, challenges, resources, and strengths.

Your Present

Each moment of life is a gift that can be opened and explored. Tarot can suggest ways to seize the precious opportunity of the moment.

Your Potential

Having a clear sense of where you’ve come from and where you are today empowers you to choose where you want to go and helps determine the next steps to take. A Tarot session can help you assess your potential, clarify your preferences and goals, and identify appropriate actions for charting the best course for your desired future.

Tarot clients describe their readings






"clarified my direction"





"helped me to focus"

"showed me options I hadn’t considered"

Get the most out of your Tarot session

Most clients find that taking notes during a session divides their attention. I offer an mp3 recording of your session to free you to tune into your reading without fear of missing or forgetting something important. In the coming days, weeks, months, and even years, you’ll have your recording to turn to for information, affirmation, and support.

Each reading is unique. The nature and requirements of your specific questions determine the card layouts I use and sometimes that means creating a new layout on the spot!

My procedure has changed: Your session now will open with a general, open reading without questions. After that is completed, you may ask specific questions which may derive from the insights imparted by the general reading or may touch upon other concerns that you have. A 90-minute session is best, especially for a first-time reading. Of course, I can assist you in shaping your issues and concerns into questions that elicit the most useful answers.

Readings or follow-up sessions by phone or email, and combinations of Tarot with dreamwork or meditation are also possibilities.

I look forward to working with you! Use the Contact Eva form to request more details and to schedule your appointment.