The Alliance for Climate Protection

AJ Vargas Enterprises: Retreats, Classes and Other Events

Cloud Appreciation Society: Look up and marvel!

The Tarot Channel

Association for Transpersonal Psychology


The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center (New York City)

Audre Lorde Project (Center for LGBTST People of Color Communities)

Lesbian Connection: Bi-monthly publication for, by and about lesbians

Dianic Wicca

The Unnamed Path


Redbone Press

PEN American Center

Poets Against War

Voices in Wartime: War through the eyes of poets

Words Without Borders--The Online Magazine for International Literature

Poets House

Poetz.com: Poetry resources and calendar

Roswila's Dream & Poetry Realm

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg: Artisanal Prose

Beyond the Ninth Wave

The New-York Ghost


Vicki Genfan, singer-songwriter

Roots World: Listening to the planet

Toshi Reagon: singer-songwriter


Alison Wright, photographer and author

Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

Phantomwise: The Artwork of Erin J. McCauley

Painted Threads

Beyond the Ninth Wave

The Art of Liza Lambertini


Apollinaire Scherr: "Foot in Mouth" blog at ArtsJournal.com

Tobi Tobias: "Seeing Things" blog at ArtsJournal.com

Body and Soul dance podcast

Critical Correspondence: The online publication of Movement Research

The Dance Enthusiast

Dancers Responding to AIDS

Jane Goldberg Tap

Vajra Realm: A Dance Pilgrimage in Tibet

BIRDBRAIN DANCE--A Navigational Project by Jennifer Monson

iLAND--interdisciplinary Laboratory of Art, Nature and Dance (Jennifer Monson)



Dusty Wright's Culture Catch

Joy Works Everywhere!


The Rachel Maddow Show (Air America)

BBC Radio


Amnesty International

Amnesty International (LGBT campaign)

Reporters Without Borders

The Campaign to Liberate Freedom

Doctors Without Borders

Genocide Intervention Network

Katrina Information Network

ColorofChange.org: Changing the Color of Democracy

The Moratorium Campaign

Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ

New Yorkers Against the Death Penalty

American Civil Liberties Union

People for the American Way

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Southern Poverty Law Center

Native American Rights Fund

Guide to New York City Women's & Social Justice Organizations

Urban Justice Center


Earthwatch Institute

Friends of the Greenbelt Movement--Nobel Peace Laureate Wangari Maathai

Sierra Club's Zoomer: Environmental News and Tips

Ocean Alliance

Defenders of Wildlife

In Defense of Animals

"The Future of Food": Documentary by Deborah Koons Garcia

BIRDBRAIN DANCE--A Navigational Project by Jennifer Monson

iLAND--interdisciplinary Laboratory of Art, Nature and Dance (Jennifer Monson)

The Nature Conservancy


Cornell Lab of Ornithology: All About Birds

Robert DeCandido, Ph.D. ("Birding Bob"): Researcher and NYC birding guide

Carl Vornberger: Wildlife Photography

pohanginapete: New Zealand blogger/photographer Pete McGregor

Bird photography by Karen Fung

Ardith Bondi's Gallery

Janet Zinn Photography

Photos by Steve Nanz

Bird Photography by Phil Jeffrey

Lloyd Spitalnik's Wildlife Gallery

The City Birder blog by Rob Jett

D. Bruce Yolton's Urban Hawks blog

Marie Winn: Hawk and Nature News

The Origin of Species: J. Philip O'Brien's birding blog and photography

The Wild Parrots of Brooklyn

55 Water Street Peregrine Falcons

Birding Babylon

Global Swarming Honeybees

Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation

New York City Spirit documentary film project


Aeclectic.net: extensive Tarot resources

The Tarot Channel

Mark McElroy's Tarot Tools

Roswila's Tarot Gallery & Journal

Corrine Kenner: A Writer for Tarot Readers

Janet Boyer

A-Musing Grace Gallery: The Magickal Art of Thalia Took

The Wise Woman's Tarot and more by Flash Silvermoon

Flash Silvermoon's blog

Dianic Wicca

The Unnamed Path

Luisah Teish and the Ile Orunmila Oshun house

Starhawk (Earth spirituality and activism)

Donna Henes: Urban Shaman

Queen Mama Donna on MySpace

The Witches' Voice: Neo-Pagan News & Networking

Deena Metzger

Rosita Arvigo: Maya Massage

Camille Maurine: KinAesthetics

Woman Vision: Rituals for Daily Living

Awakened Woman: The Journal of Women's Spirituality

The Spiritual Chicks: Kick-ass metaphysics

Rev. Dr. Tami Coyne

Magdalene Tours

Andrew Harvey

Robert Moss: Way of the Dreamer

Christopher Penczak (Wicca)

The Tarot Room (Georgianna Boehnke)

Matarot Intuitive Wellness (Raven Mardirosian)

Brett Cobb

Dougall Fraser

David Goddard (Western Esoteric Tradition)

T. Thorn Coyle (Evolutionary Witchcraft)

Sandra Ingerman

Roger Woolger

Dick Sutphen

Patricia L. Walsh: Heal the Past

Nicki Scully: Shamanic Journeys

Rose Marcus: Evolutionary Astrology

Angel Kyodo Williams and the New Dharma Community

Noah Levine: Dharma Punx

The Quest Bookshop,New York City (NY Theosophical Society)

Maria Theresa Maggi's Star Gardening

Alexandra C. Fisher, LMT

Enchanted Celebrations: Wedding Officiation & Ceremony Design

Pillars of HER Traditions: Temple of Goddess Celebrations

the "preciou/ri/cious" adventures of black betty's mama

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