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Grey Hooded Kingfisher
Grey Hooded Kingfisher

Hope is a state of mind, not of the world. Hope, in this deep and powerful sense, is not the same as joy that things are going well, or willingness to invest in enterprises that are obviously headed for success, but rather an ability to work for something because it is good. -- Vaclav Havel

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS." -- Mahatma Gandhi



Did you know that you can now have your sessions digitally recorded as mp3s, and upload them, free, through YouSendIt (

A record of your in-person sessions as well as phone sessions will be easily available to you whenever you want to listen.  Also, you can simply order a recorded reading, send me your question(s), and I will work on your reading and forward the result via YouSendIt.

There's no additional charge for this service and, in the case of an ordered reading, it might lower your fee by reducing the length of the reading.

Consider giving the gift of a reading or other service to a friend.

Rates (as of March 27, 2009):

$30 per 15 minutes (required minimum for ordered readings)

$60 per 1/2 hour (required minimum for phone sessions)

$100 -- 1 hour (minimum recommended for in-person sessions)

$120 -- 90 minutes

You'll find phone and ordered readings very convenient, and payment is also simple, quick and safe through PayPal (

If you have Skype (, you can call me for free!

General information about my work and other resources may be found on this site.
Please get in touch if you'd like to get more information, to set up your appointment or to order a service for yourself or a friend.

Thanks for your interest and for telling your friends! I look forward to working with you!


You can now find Body and Soul podcast through my InfiniteBody blog and subscribe to it for automatic download.  Click here for more information and to subscribe.  Or visit InfiniteBody blog.

You'll find interviews with everyone from tap superstars Ayodele Casel and Jason Samuels-Smith to the provocative postmodernist Miguel Gutierrez.  Please pass the word around, and don't forget to subscribe!


I have archived another batch of posts from my Field Notes:  Reviews of Dance, Theater and Performance page.  Scroll down to see a list of past reviews and commentary.  The archives now include pieces posted from December 28, 2004 to September 25, 2006.  If you'd like to see any of these, just send me your request via the form on my Contact Eva page.

Now you can book a reading with Eva
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Easy, convenient and safe!