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This page contains links to various pieces of writing that I've done over the years.  I've got it more or less grouped thematically, so if you hate writing on a particular topic, here's your golden opportunity to ignore things that give you a rash. All material is copyrighted and may not be used without permission of the author.

"When I retire, I shall simply write a short story for my revenge."
                                                  - Helen Shaver's character in Desert Hearts
Beware of doing foolish or annoying things around a writer.  If you do, there's a very real risk that the writer in question will produce something like the pieces listed below.  We're all exposed to ridiculous, exasperating things on a daily basis...but where a normal person simply rolls with it, a writer will now and then pick up a pen and let rip. 
I'm not sure how you categorize these.  Essays?  Rants?  Columns that nobody asked me to write?  Whatever.  You decide.

The founder of the transcendentalist movement needs his nap now (and a little less sugar)

The carnival rides of the Elizabethan era

Bits o' Fiction

This is the spot for links to short stories and other fiction bit-lets.  Works in progress probably won't go here -- I'll be putting them on Critters instead -- but some stuff will go here.

Ness and the Dragon

Some of you people out there will remember this one...

Sports and related topics

The White Circus was a column I created for SportsFilter for the 2004-2005 World Cup ski season. I only wrote three columns -- a problem caused by having no limits and no deadlines; they went on too long and didn't get done soon enough -- but they're decent writing.

 How the FIS alpine skiing World Cup tour got its name (October 22, 2004)
Snotty comments on Sölden, and my predictions for the 2004-2005 World Cup
 Why Bode Miller is even better than you think (plus a few comments on the 2005 WC season)