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...In Japan, the year contains 24 sekki, days that mark the transition between seasons that have a more precise definition. For example, in January there is Shokan, which marks when the winter cold gets started, and Daikan, when the cold becomes severe. Early September has Hakuro, which is when the ground is covered with dew in the morning. The sekki mark planting times and harvests, first frosts and the spring rains...

March 31, 2006        First Green.  Crocuses and garden perennials.
April 7, 2006            Peepers.  First sounding of the spring peepers.
April 9, 2006            Last day of operations at Mount Snow.
April 10, 2006          First buds on lilacs.
April 11, 2006          First daffodils bloomed.
April 14, 2006          Wisteria blooming.  I hate wisteria. 

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