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About the Harmony Hut
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What is the Harmony Hut?

The Harmony Hut is my house.  It looks exactly like the picture shown in the upper-left corner of this webpage.  The Harmony Hut is located in a small New England town where nothing much ever happens except for things that we prefer not to tell outsiders about.  Read much Lovecraft?  Be afraid.  Stay away.

A view from my Lovecraftian little town

Seriously, it's a great town, and the Hut is a great home, and it's where I've come to rest after living in some places that are very different from where I am now.  It was given its name by a witty and sarcastic friend of mine; the reference is to the movie Addams Family Values, in which the two Addams children are sent against their will to summer camp.  There they are widely condemned for their freakish outlook on life and general lack of perkiness, and are forced to do time in a small cabin called the Harmony Hut, where they are surrounded by the audiovisual equivalent of being drowned in a vat of Karo syrup.  Think hour upon hour of Barney and worse.

The railing of the Party Porch after a typical day on the river

The Hut has a great location, a great view, nice neighbors, and one of the best front porches in the world.  During the warm weather months, this front porch is frequently the site of planned and impromptu parties which are imaginatively known as "Porch Parties".  The usual attendees mostly consist of near neighbors and whitewater paddlers, who find that the porch does double duty as party venue and drying rack.  Telling them that I have a clothesline does no good whatsoever.

A special note to Internet whackjobs:

The neighbor dogs in a friendly mood

If you're one of those people without an appropriate sense of boundaries -- the sort of person who might, say, read this page and look at the pictures and conclude that I'm asking you, in some wordless and inarticulate way, to come and find me and show up on my front step for a visit...well, that would be a really bad idea.  You could probably find my house without too much effort...but then, you'd have to deal with my neighbor's dogs.  They are large and they are strong and they are unchained and unleashed and unfenced and very nice to people like me whom they know and love, but they do not like strangers who show up unannounced and without proper escort.  So don't do it.