You didn't ask...

Continents Colliding
About the Harmony Hut
You didn't ask...
Sports Stuff

...but I'll tell you anyway.

  • Book that I'm currently reading: River of Gods by Ian McDonald.  What India will be like in 41 years. 
  • Music that I'm currently listening to a whole lot: Soulive, Doin' Something.

Things that I could use

  • A pair of Asics trail-running shoes.
  • A daypack with a ruckstack-style (drawstring) closure. Still.  These are hard to find.
  • A copy of Brotherhood of the Wolf, for thunderstorms.
  • Some new kayak shorts.  Mine are all ripped and they stink.
  • A good pair of cheap indestructible sunglasses that's big enough to fit on my big haid.
  • A Big Green Egg smoker.