Barr CoverThe Wonders of Prehistoric Life, 1966
By Donald Barr, Darlene Geis, and Martin L. Keen.

This is just a run-of-the-mill kid's book on prehistoric animals.  The book includes illustrations from many different illustrators,
most of which had already been published in other books such as Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Animals, by Darlene Geis, and
How and Why Wonder Books of Dinosaurs, also by Darlene Geis.  The majority of the illustrations are by John Hull, Matthew
Kalmenoff, and R. F. Peterson. 


Illustration of Stegosaurus by R. F. Peterson that originally appeared in Darlene Geis's Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric
.  Many of R. F. Peterson's dinosaur illustrations are very inaccurate and sometimes border on the fantastical.