coverDinosaurs: Their Discovery and Their World, 1961
By E. H. Colbert

This book by Edwin H. Colbert was my favorite Dinosaur book for many years, and I took it out of the library on
many occasions until I finally got my own copy.  It contains numerous black and white illustrations (plates) from
a variety of artists, mainly Charles R. Knight, Rudolf F. Zallinger, Neave Parker, and also Robert Kane, Erwin
Christman, John C. Germann, Margaret Matthew Colbert (wife of author and daughter of noted paleontologist
William Diller Matthew), and several others.  Some of these illustrations were rarely published in other dinosaur
books.  Edwin H. Colbert wrote several popular books on dinosaurs and vertebrate evolution from the 1940's
to the 1980's.


Restoration of Palaeoscincus by E. Rungius Fulda