colbert5-coverDinosaurs: An Illustrated History, 1983
By Edwin H. Colbert

This book contains a hodgepodge of dinosaur illustrations, both vintage (e.g., Knight, Burian, and Parker), and not
yet vintage (e.g., Eleanor M. Kish).


Colbert's book contains several color paintings by Charles R. Knight (from the American Museum of Natural History
collection).  Many of these illustrations, such as the Allosaurus above, are presented in a fairly large format and are
often of better quality than the same paintings as printed in Czerkas and Glut.


This book contains several illustrations by Margaret M. Colbert, including three beautiful color murals showing scenes
of the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous (the Cretaceous mural is shown above).  These murals are also included in
Colbert"s Age of Reptiles, but unfortunately they are displayed monochromatically. 

Get a copy of this book, not just for the Knight illustrations, but also for the beautiful Margaret M. Colbert illustrations