coverThe Earth Before Man, 1941
By Raymond E. Janssen

This book examines life through the ages from a historical geology perspective.  The book contains
illustrations from a number of artists, including Charles R. Knight (several of his Chicago Field Museum
murals), S. W. Williston, and a few others. 

According to the Introduction, this book is the "first in a series of volumes brought together for the deliberate
purpose of helping the young and the old who read them to live wisely and to work effectively." The title of
the series is "The University of Knowledge Wonder Books." 


Many of the illustrations in this book have been reproduced in several other books. However, this restoration of a Dimetrodon
is one of several in the book credited to the Buffalo Museum of Science.  I have not seen these illustrations published elsewhere. 
Unfortunately, the illustrator of these pieces is not credited.