jones-coverAnimals of Long Ago, 1965
By Raymond F. Jones

This is another one of those books that I threw away when I left for college.  I had searched for this book for a few years,
but I couldn't remember much about the book other than I really enjoyed it when I was young.  I eventually happened to
come across the book awhile back when I was perusing through a used book store, "Wonder Books," in Frederick MD.
Wonder Books also had a copy of Ostrom's Strange World of Dinosaurs for $100.00!

Animals of Long Ago was volume 25 in the "Whitman Learn About Book" series.  According to the back cover, the author,
Raymond F.  Jones, had been a meteorologist with the U.S. Weather Bureau and also worked in "missile and space science."
The illustrations are by Hamilton Greene, and while they are generally pretty decent, they are often based on the work of other
paleoartists such as Parker, Burian, and Knight.


The body (but not the head) of the Triceratops in the foreground is clearly based on Charles R. Knight's famous showdown
between T. rex and Triceratops on display at the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History (see top illustration on the cover
of Debus and Debus).