cover Evolution in the Past, 1912
By Henry R. Knipe

Get a copy of this book if you can.  The charcoal illustrations by by Alice B. Woodward are often
beautiful and rarely reproduced.  The illustrations by Ernest Bucknall, generally showing vegetative
scenes, are just adequate.

plesio    stego

The illustration on the left showing an interaction between Cryptoclidus and Pliosaurus is really nice. 
The sprawling lizard-like illustration on the right shows another early variation on Stegosaurus reconstruction. 
According to Debus, A. E. and Debus, D. E. (Paleoimagery), Woodward's illustration's were criticized by the
Reverend Henry Neville Hutchinson for their baggy looking skin.  In my opinion, Woodward's illustrations were
generally superior, at least artistically, to Smit's illustrations published in Hutchinson's books.