matthew coverThe Mentor: Prehistoric Animal Life, 1917
By William Diller Matthew

This is a thin book, one of several published by the Mentor Association in New York City.  The Mentor was published twice a
month (I do not know for how long), and according to the end page, "The Mentor Association: established for the development
of a popular interest in art, literature, science, history, nature, and travel."

The book contains several illustrations, and photographs of models, by Charles R. Knight (from the American Museum of Natural
History collection).  Also included are a set of six cards showing several more restorations by Charles R. Knight.  These include:
"Brontosaurus," "Siberian [Wooly] Mammoth," Smilodon, Uintatherium, "Trachodon," and "Eohippus."


Knight's Brontosaurus.


Knight's rarely reproduced painting of a Diplodocus standing on two legs.  A color version of this painting (as well as
the Brontosaurus, above) are included in Czerkas and Glut.