cover  Life Through the Ages
By Bertha Morris Parker

This little paperback has several nice color illustrations by an uncredited artist*.  Although the book was written
by Bertha Morris Parker, a prolific author of childrens science and nature books, it was "checked for scientific
accuracy by Carroll Lane Fenton."


It is unfortunate that the illustrator[s] is/are not listed as a few of the illustrations are quite nice, such as the cover illustration and
the illustration of the Plesiosaur, above.

Added 8/2/09:

According to paleoartist Dan Varner:

"The artist is Frederick Seyfarth. He was pretty much the in-house illustrator for Row Peterson's education publications. These
are superb watercolors. The publishers were based out of the Chicago area so Seyfarth studied models at the Field Museum and
the Milwaukee Public Museum."