coverThe Age of Reptiles, 1958
By Dorothy Shuttlesworth

Dorothy Shuttlesworth was a prolific writer of childrens science and nature books, and Matthew Kalmenoff
was a prolific illustrator of childrens books--particularly books on prehistoric animals and birds.  This book
contains both black and white, and color illustrations.  Many of Kalmenoff's illustrations seem sloppy and
hurried.  The color illustrations appear to have been done in color pencil or hard pastel, and many have an
unappealing garish look to them.  Do the Rhamphorynchus and Stegosaurus on the cover look familiar? 
They were based on the restorations by the master paleoartist Zdeněk Burian.


This illustration of a brontosaurus and stegosaurus is one of Kalmenoff's better efforts included in
the book.