coverThe Principles of Historical Geology, 1954
By J. Willis Stovall, and Howard E. Brown.

Historical geology textbook that I included in my web site because it contains some obscure
illustrations by Thomas Voter.  The book also contains black and white copies of pieces by
Zdenek Burian, James Allen, and others.


One of several illustrations credited to Thomas Voter, American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). 
Voter also illustrated Andrews, All About Dinosaurs.  Not to be too critical, but Voter is definitely not
in the same league as other paleoartists whose work is associated with the AMNH.  Does the
Corythosaurus standing in the lake look familiar?  Click here.


Photo of a model (artist not credited) of a Pteranodon.  This model looks almost identical to a stereoscopic
Pteranodon model contained in my old set of Sawyers Tru-Vue Prehistoric Life film card.  It is very similar,
but not identical (the crest is different, for example).