swinton coverThe Dinosaurs, 1934
By W. E. Swinton

William Elgin Swinton was a British Paleontologist who published numerous books on dinosaurs for the
general public.  During the period from the 1930's to the 1970s, perhaps only Edwin H. Colbert rivaled
Swinton's output of dinosaur books.  Speaking of Colbert, in Dinosaurs: Their Discovery and their World
(1961), he has this to say about Swinton's book: "A valuable book, unfortunately now out of print." The
latest dinosaur book by Swinton in my collection, also called "Dinosaurs," was first published in 1970. 
Swinton was a staff member of the British Museum (Natural History) from 1924 through 1961, and later
joined the University of Toronto.  He died in  1994 at the age of 93.


Dinosaurs contains several photographs of dinosaur models that were prepared by Vernon Edwards
for the British Museum (Natural History).  The Scolosaurus, above, is one of them.  The book also contains
several line drawings, such as the Stegosaurus below, apparently prepared by Swinton himself.