coverOn the Trail of Ancient Man, 1926
By Roy Chapman Andrews

This was the first of several books by Roy Chapman Andrews that document the Central Asiatic Expeditions. 
This book, published in 1926, documents the first three expeditions (1922, 1923, and 1925).  As noted in the
Preface, "The present book is a preliminary narrative of the field work of the Central Asiatic Expeditions.  So
many requests for a collected account of the activities of the expeditions during the last four years have come
to us that we felt it was due the public to give the story of our experience in Mongolia up to the present time." 
Andrews would lead two more expeditions to Mongolia (in 1928 and 1930), and would publish several more
books over the years that recounted the expeditions.


This book contains a single dinosaur restoration and it is by E. Rungius Fulda.  Unfortunately, this piece
appears amateurish compared to her better-known restoration of Palaeoscincus.  Is this the first life
restoration of Protoceratops?

Das Reich der Tiere contains another E. Rungius Fulda restoration: Moshops.  See also, The Vertebrate Story
for another.