coverAmerica Before Man, 1953
By Elizabeth Chesley Baity

I remember taking this book out my elementary school library, and I think it was from this book that I first became
exposed to the wonderful Charles R. Knight murals from the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History. 


The first several pages of this book contains an assortment of plates showing the work of several different paleoartists;
these include (besides Knight), an illustration (rarely reproduced) of a pair of Paleocene Condylarths by J. C. Germann,
Erwin Christman's oft reproduced Diatrama, and F. L. Jaques illustrations of lobe-finned fish (Eusthenopteron),
Diplovertebron, Seymouria, Cynognathus, the primate Notharctus, and a Miocene anthropoid.  (I wonder, did Jaques ever
illustrate any dinosaurs?)  Also included in this book is an illustration that I distinctly remember as a child: the "Brontosaurus
Watching a Bolide."  Unfortunately the artist is not listed in the book, but the Acknowledgment section credits the
American Museum of Natural History in New York for allowing permission to reproduce this piece.  If you know who
the illustrator was, please contact me at:
By the way, the Brontosaurus was clearly based on James E. Allen's illustration shown here.


The book also contains several pen and ink drawings throughout by C. B. Falls.  Falls also did the cover illustration of the T. Rex. 
The T. rex is based on the well known Charles R. Knight painting of the T. Rex approaching the Triceratops family (painting from
the American Museum of Natural History in New York City).