cover So Long Ago, 1946
By E. Boyd Smith

It seems as though this book has a bit of a following (well, two different people emailed me suggesting that
I post on this book).  It is the story of prehistoric life as told by Doctor Peter to his nephew, Bobby Reed.  The
illustrations are artistically quite nice, albiet very fanciful. 


Okay, we have, beginning clockwise from the upper left, Brontosaurus, Diplodocus, Gorgosaurus (yes,
that dinosaur with its tail being crushed by a rock!), Pareiasaurus (immediately below the Gorgosaurus), and
Palaeoscincus.  Oh yeah, to the left is Doctor Peter and young Bobby Reed.


Here we have, beginning clockwise from the upper left, a quadruped Megalosaurs, Pareiasaurus (again),
Plateosaurus (no, not an Anatosaurus), and a Stegosaurus.  Also included are two Tanystropheus', one
immediately under, and the other to the right of, the Stegosaurus.  Both look like snakes in this illustration.

Apparantly E. Boyd Smith had no qualms about mixing together prehistoric reptiles from different
geological periods!  He also seems to like the Permian anapsid reptile Pareiasaurus, as it appears in four
of his prehistoric life assemblages.