coverPaper Dinosaurs, 1996
Exhibit Preparation by Bruce Bradley

Paper Dinosaurs is a 50 page booklet, or "exhibition catalog," describing a collection of original printed materials
related to the history of dinosaur discovery that is on exhibit at the Linda Hall Library, in Kansas City, Missouri. 
The Paper Dinosaur exhibit is also presented online at this site. The site contains many illustrations and accompanying
text that is not included in the printed booklet.  According to the web site, the "Linda Hall Library is the world's
foremost independent research library devoted to science, engineering and technology."

The exhibit and catalog describes 49 historical publications, with almost all of the descriptions accompanied by an
illustration from the publication.  The author notes that "We have selected forty-nine items for display.  Some of
these are included because they are landmark papers...others were chosen because they contain significant images
of dinosaur discovery..."  If you are interested in the history of paleontological illustration, you must visit the
Paper Dinosaurs website and purchase a copy of the booklet.


A sprawling Diplodocus, by Mary Mason Mitchell (after Oliver P. Hay).