coverThe Book of Prehistoric Animals, 1935
                                        by Raymond L. Ditmars

I remember first seeing this book in the kids section of the Dover NJ Public Library back in the mid-1960's.  The book
was published in 1935 by Raymond Ditmars, who I believe was a herpetologist.  I liked this book as a child because of
all of the uncommon dinsoaurs displayed in the illustrations.  For example, sauropods such as Rhoetosaurus, Titanosaurus,
Aegyptosaurus, and Helopus.  I went through a period where I judged the merits of a dinosaur book based on the
number of different genera included in the book!

cret scene

Half of a page displaying dinosaurs of the Cretaceous.  The other half shows Cretaceous dinosaurs
from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.  Get a copy of this book if you can!