cover  Life Long Ago, 1937
by Carroll Lane Fenton.

Life Long Ago is one of several books on prehistoric life written by Carroll Lane Fenton.  Fenton was a gifted
artist who included many of his own pencil/charcoal illustrations in his books.  Life Long Ago contains five of the six
color illustrations prepared by James E. Allen for the Sinclair Dinosaur Book.  The only Allen illustration not
included in Fenton's book is the cover illustration for the Sinclair book.  (Note that Fenton's The Fossil Book
does not include any of Allen's illustrations, and Prehistoric World only contains two--Brontosaurus and
Corythosaurus--plus the Stegosaurus printed on the cover.)  Get a copy of this book, or the Sinclair book, for
the beautiful Allen illustrations.

       bronto               dimetro

The illustration on the left is that of a "Brontosaurus" by James E. Allen.  The illustration on the right is
of a Dimetrodon--one of several pencil/charcoal illustrations prepared by the author.