coverExtinct Monsters, 1892
by the Reverend H. N. Hutchinson

This is a very early popular book on dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.  The book contains many restorations, several by
J. Smit, that show early attempts to put flesh on dinosaur bones and present them as living animals.

          stego            tricer

The above two restorations are by J. Smit.  The first shows one of the earliest restorations of Stegosaurus. 
As noted in "Paleoimagery: The Evolution of Dinosaurs in Art" by Debus and Debus (2002), this restoration
of  Stegosaurus appears in the first edition of Extinct Monsters.  In the second edition, the restoration was
revised with the "newer" version showing a Stegosaurus with a more sprawling crocodile stance.  See
below for a copy of the second version of Stegosaurus, also by J. Smit, as scanned from
E.H. Colbert's Dinosaurs: Their Discovery and Their World.

The Triceratops is from the frontispiece.