hutch-coverExtinct Monsters and Creatures of other Days, 1910
by the Reverend H. N. Hutchinson

The Reverend H. N. Hutchinson notes in the "Preface to New Addition," that in this revision to Extinct Monsters, "the greater
part of Creatures of Other Days has been incorporated in the present book, and the two titles are therefore retained." Hutchinson
notes further that "A certain amount of condensation has been necessary in order to keep down the size of the book, and [several
chapters] have been omitted.  A few creatures from Extinct Monsters are also reluctantly omitted."

Most of the "life" illustrations are by J. Smit.  However, the book also contains a few restorations by others, including C. R.
Knight (photos of models of "Naosaurus" and "Laelops," plus illustrations of Phororhachus and Elephas Primigenius that had
appeared earlier in Animals of the Past), and Alice B. Woodward (illustrations that had originally appeared in Nebula to Man). 


Tylosaurus, by J. Smit


Diplodocus, by J. Smit.