cover Nebula to Man, 1905
Henry R. Knipe

This is a large format book with numerous full-page illustrations, mostly by Joseph Smit and Alice B. Woodward,
but also includes some by Charles Whymper, Lancelot Speed, Ernest Bucknall, John Charlton, and Edward A.
Wilson.  The illustrations, 14 of which are in color while 57 are in black and white, cover everything from life in
the Paleozoic seas, to prehistoric amphibians, reptiles, and mammals, to early paleolithic hominids.  The text for Nebula to Man
consists of one long poem!  This book is fairly rare and I've seen it listed for more than $400 on used book web sites. 
If you see it for less than $200 scoop it up!


The Preface notes that the Hungarian paleontologist Baron Nopcsa gave Alice B. Woodward
"some valuable help" in her drawing of Polacanthus, above.


Charles Whymper prepared this color illustration of Dimorphodon and Teleosaurus.


This is the third restoration of Stegosaurus by Smit; the first two were supervised by the Reverend H. N.
an English author, and according to E. H. Colbert, this one was also supervised by Hutchinson. 
Colbert notes that this restoration "was something of an improvement over their effort in 1893.  The pose is
not bad, but they show the back portion of the tail devoid of plates, for what reason is hard to say, and they
stick to the older idea of four pairs of spikes on the tail."


According to the Preface, this illustration of "Laelaps and Hadrosaurus" was prepared using restorations
by Charles R. Knight prepared under the direction of Henry Fairfield Osborn.