cover Extinct Animals, 1909 (original published in 1905)
By E. Ray Lankester

An interesting book from 1905 (my "new edition" is dated 1909).   The book contains many monochromatic
illustration and photos.  Unfortunately, the illustrations are not credited.  One chapter (about 55 pages) is devoted
to extinct reptiles.

iguanodon   steogosaurus

On the left is the "Probable appearance of the Iguanodon in its living condition."  The artist is not credited. 
On the right is another early variation on the restoration of Stegosaurus.  Again, the artist is not credited, but
as noted by Debus and Debus (2002), it is based on a restoration of Stegosaurus prepared by Charles R. Knight
for an 1897 article by the journalist William H. Ballou titled "Strange Creatures of the Past" that appeared in
Century Magazine
.  Knight's Stegosaurus restoration in Century Magazine was itself based on an earlier Knight
restoration that appeared in McClure's magazine in1897 (Debus and Debus, 2002).

Below left is the McClure version as scanned from Czerkas and Glut, 1982.  Below right is the Century
Magazine version as scanned from Debus and Debus, 2002.  Note the similarity between this restoration
and the uncredited illustration in Lankester's book.

mclure stego    century stego