mix Mighty Animals
By Jenny Irene Mix

This little book published in Great Britain in 1912 contains several interesting illustrations. Some are copies of
Charles R. Knights early-period restorations prepared for the American Museum of Natural History (for example,
the Tylosaurus below).  Other illustrations include some by Clement B. Davis (e.g., the battling dinosaurs and the
pterosaur, below).  The book also contains an illustration of an American Mastodon by James M. Gleeson,
whose restorations were also included in Frederick A. Lucas's Animals of the Past.  Interestingly, several of the
Knight illustrations are slightly different variations of illustrations printed in other books; for example, the
Tylosaurus, below (see write up for Czerkas and Glut), and a restoration of Elasmosaurus. 

The book has an Introduction by Frederic A. Lucas (at the time the Director of the American Museum of
Natural History). Lucas also edited the manuscript for scientific accuracy.

mosasaur  battle  ptero