coverAnimals of the Past, 1962
By Richard Ogle

Run-of-the-mill prehistoric animal book published in Great Britain.  In my grade school days in the 1960's and
early 70's I would scour every library looking for books on prehistoric animals.  This is one book that I do not
remember stumbling upon.


The book's author, Richard Ogle, also produced the adequate pen and ink illustrations.  Here we see a mash-up of
borrowed artwork.  The Styracosaurus, Triceratops, and the Protoceratops in the foreground are all based on
Burian pieces appearing in Prehistoric Animals.  The Protoceratops in the background was based on a Knight piece
published in the "Parade of Life Through the Ages" article in the February 1942 issue of National Geographic
magazine.  Ogle also borrowed from other paleoartists, such as Maurice Wilson.