parker coverAnimals of Yesterday, 1952
Bertha Morris Parker

Another book on prehistoric animals by Bertha Morris Parker and another one where the artist is not credited
(see Life Through the Ages).  The illustrations in both books have a similar style, so it wouldn't surprise me if
the same artist illustrated both books*.  The book was checked for accuracy by noted vertebrate paleontologist
Elmer S. Riggs.  This book was first published in 1941.


Nice illustration of a Stegosaurus by an unknown artist.

Added 8/2/09:

According to paleoartist Dan Varner:

"The artist is Frederick Seyfarth. He was pretty much the in-house illustrator for Row Peterson's
education publications. These
are superb watercolors. The publishers were based out of the
Chicago area so Seyfarth studied models at the Field Museum and

the Milwaukee Public Museum."