patterson-cover-1  patterson-cover2Prehistoric Life, 1954
By Bryan Patterson

I remember joining the National Audubon Society just so that I could get this book (I had the the newer edition on the right with the 1965
copyright date), which was part of a series of volumes that would be mailed to your home on a (if I am remembering correctly) monthly
schedule.  Unfortunately, it was another one of those books that I threw away before I left home for college.  As far as I know, this is the first
book that contained more than just a few color reproductions of Charles R. Knight's Chicago Field Museum of Natural History murals. 
Unfortunately, most of the reproductions, which are in the form of stickers, are just segments of Knight's murals, and the size of the stickers
are usually quite small.  Note that the 1965 edition generally has slightly larger and better quality reproductions than the 1954 edition.  On
the other hand, the earlier edition is represented by 34 color illustrations, whereas the 1965 version only has 29.  The missing 5 color
illustrations were replaced in the 1965 edition with black and white, non-sticker, versions.  Finally, even though the stickers are usually small
and just segments of Knight's murals, the color quality is generally superior to the larger and complete versions of the murals as printed in
Czerkas and Glut.


Crop of Knight's mural, missing the Tylosaurus and Protostega.


Illustration of a "large flightless carnivorous bird."  A black and white copy of this illustration is contained in Matthews, where it is noted that
the illustration is by J. C. Hansen, and that the illustration came from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.