reed lucas coverAnimals on the March, 1937
By W. Maxwell Reed and Jannette M. Lucas.

W, Maxwell Reed, author of The Earth for Sam, teamed with Jannette M. Lucas to produce this book. 
As noted on the title page, the book was edited by none other than Edwin H. Colbert, at the time Assistant
Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.  Whereas
The Earth For Sam discusses prehistoric life against a backdrop of historical geology, Animals on the
March barely discusses historical geology.  This book focuses on both extant and extinct animals, and
includes many photographs of living specimens.  It is interesting, yet sad to see the caption for a photograph of
the Tasmanian Wolf/Tiger read "Thylacinus is a marsupial now living in Tasmania."  There is no mention
as to the scarcity of the thylacine, and indeed, the Tasmanian Wolf/Tiger may already have been extinct by
the time this book was published.  The last known thylacine died in a Tasmanian zoo in 1936, although
according to Tim Flannery and Peter Schouten in their book "A Gap in Nature" (2001), "authentic-sounding
reports [of living thylacines] were received until at least the 1940's."

There are only two illustrations of dinosaurs in this book; the one below and a familiar illustration of
Diplodocus prepared by Charles R. Knight for the American Museum of Natural History. 


Above is a pen and ink illustration of a "Gorgosaurus" chasing after Corythosaurs, by Erwin S. Christman prepared in
1921.  Christman was known for his incredibly beautiful illustrations of fossil bones that accompanied
manuscripts authored by various vertebrate paleontologists.   Unfortunately, Christman died young in his mid-30's
and only produced a few restorations of "living" dinosaurs.


Animals on the March includes several illustrations by F. L. Jaques, including the one above showing a couple
of Cynognathus.  I am not aware on any illustrations of dinosaurs prepared by Jaques (for a little more on Jaques,
see write-up in Colbert's Dinosaur Book).