coverThe Earth for Sam, 1960 (revised edition)
By W. Maxwell Reed (revised edition edited by Paul F. Brandwein)

This revised edition of The Earth for Sam is the version most of you probably remember taking out of your
school library.  It was substantially revised and edited by Paul F. Brandwein.  This newer version also
substitutes many of the illustrations contained in the original version.  For example, gone are the illustrations
by Gerhard Heilmann, J. Smit, Alice B. Woodward, and others.  Replacement illustrations include some
more of the Knight murals that he did for the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History. 


A perculiar addition to this volume was Knight's battling Dryptosaurs that he did in 1897 (a color copy is included
in Czerkas and Glut).  During the 1950's and 1960's it was more common to see illustrations of dinosaurs plodding
along with their tails on the ground, not dynamically interacting as they are in this vintage illustration.


This illustration of a Pterodactyl replaces replaces superior illustrations by Alice B. Woodward that were included in the original
The Earth for Sam.  According to paleoartist Dan Varner, "the pterosaur illustration was drawn by Alistair Brown for an article
by Barnum Brown (no relation) in Natural History magazine. "