coverDinosaurs (Saalfield Science Series), 1962
By John J. Stephens III.

How many of you remember this book?  It appears that the Saalfield Science Series may have been a minor competitor to the
How and Why Wonder Book series.  This book was my very first dinosaur book and I remember buying it at the old Food
Fair in Dover New Jersey in the mid-1960's when I was very young--perhaps five or six years old.  This is one of several
books that I threw away when I went to college, but I finally located another copy after searching on and off for several
years.  One problem was that I could not for the life of me remember much about the book (the other problem is that it
seems that this book is fairly rare).  One day I happened to spot the title, "Saalfield Science Series Dinosaurs," at one of
the web-based used book sellers.  "Could it be" I wondered?  The more I thought about it the more certain I became that
this was the one.  I ordered it.  It arrived in the mail.  It was the one!

The book has many color and monochromatic illustrations.  The artist has done a nice job of coming up with original
depictions of the dinosaurs, rather than just basing the illustrations on the artwork of Knight, Neave Parker, and other
famous "fossil" dinosaur artists.

The text is by John J. Stephens III, assistant professor of Geology, Orton Geological Museum, The Ohio State University.
The illustrations are by Bette Davis.


I remember that this was one of my favorite illustrations in the book (but something appears anatomically incorrect with that
elbow pointing in the wrong direction!)