cover  The World in the Past, 1926
By B. Webster Smith

This is a neat little book, originating in England, that measures 4.5 inched wide by 6.25 inches high, but with about
350 pages.  The book focuses on historical geology as well as prehistoric life.  It includes several color plates of
prehistoric animals, including "a pterodactyle," Ceratosaurus, Brontosaurus, the Stegosaurus and Diplodocus pictured
below, and a few others.  I have never seen these illustrations published in any other books. 

stegosaurus      diplodocus

The illustrations by W. J. Stokoe are nice, if a bit out of date.  A Stegosaurus on the left, and a
Diplodocus on the right.  Is the Diplodocus relieving itself?!?