cover Dinosaurs
By W. E. Swinton

I picked up this thin (45 page) book at the American Museum of Natural History in New York back when I was
about eight or nine years old.  The book contains 10 monochromatic dinosaur restorations by Neave Parker, and
two color restorations by A. T. Barnes.  According to the preface to the first edition written by Errol White, Keeper
of Paleontology at the British Museum of Natural History, the Neave Parker restorations had been issued as a set of
postcards, but "are here published in a book for the first time."  Well, not all of them were published in Swinton's
book for the first time because Colbert's Dinosaurs; Their Discovery and Their World, published in 1961, had
already included four of them (plus two others--restorations of Polacanthus and Ornithosuchus--that were not
inlcuded in Swinton's book).

iguanodon    iguanodon-2

On the left is Neave Parker's restoration of an Iguanodon which appeared in several dinosaur books in the 1960's,
and was often used as a basis for restorations of Iguanodon by other dinosaur illustrators (e.g., Prehistoric Animals,
by Cox).  On the right is A. T. Barnes' version of Iguanodon which he painted in 1957 and which is one of two of
his illustrations to appear in Swinton's book (the other is a Triceratops).