swinton coverThe Dinosaurs, 1934
By W. E. Swinton

I remember getting this book sometime in the early 1970's.  The book contains seven illustrations by
Neave Parker depicting faunal assemblages from various countries at various geological periods.  I
was very impressed with the book when I was a child because I felt it was more technical than my
other dinosaur books; but especially because of the numerous uncommon dinosaur genera depicted
in the illustrations. 

According to Debus and Debus, the Parker illustrations, with accompanying text by Swinton, first
appeared in The Illustrated London News between 1956 and 1960.

swinton scene

A scene showing dinosaurs from the Cretaceous of Canada.  Most of these genera are familiar ones,
with the exception of the ankylosaur, Dyoplosaurus, which is partly obscured by the tree.


A scene showing Cretaceous dinosaurs from China.  The dinosaurs include the stegosaur,
Chialingosaurus; the sauropod Omeisaurus; the hadrosaur Tanius (on the left); the nodosaur
Heishanosaurus; the carnosaur Szechuanosaurus on the upper right; and the camptosaur
Sanpasaurus on the lower right.  The ornithomimid on the lower left is not identified.

(Note, the clasification scheme is that used by Swinton.)