coverGiants Past and Present, 1966
by W. E. Swinton

This book, as noted in its title, is on giant animals living in the past and present, although most of it focuses on giants
past.  The book contains many black and white illustrations, most of them by Neave Parker and Maurice Wilson. 


Two of Neave Parker's illustrations.  The Stegosaurus illustration frustrated me for years.  I knew it existed
because Colbert references it in Dinosaurs: Their Discovery and Their World.  In a section of the book that
looks at how paleontologists and paleoartists have reconstructed Stegosaurus over the years, Colbert notes
some recent illustrations of Stegosaurus that he considers to be "excellent."  He lists the Chicago Field
Museum of Natural History Knight reconstruction, the Burian piece, and a Stegosaurus "by Neave Parker,
done under the supervision of W. E. Swinton."  Presumably he was refering to the above illustration.