coverDinosaurs: A Little Golden Book, 1959
by Jane Werner Watson

Every child growing up in the 1960's who loved dinosaurs either owned, or borrowed from the library, a copy of this little book. 
For years whenever I would go to a used bookstore I would look for a copy of this book.   I would walk over to the kids section,
find the collection of "Little Golden Book"(s), and plow through them, hoping to find a copy.  But I never had any luck!  I finally
broke down and ordered a used copy via the internet.  There are plenty available on-line for less than five dollars.

This little book contains many fine color illustrations by William de J. Rutherford.  As noted by Doubtboy, it appears that
Rutherford studied living reptiles and used them as a basis for some of his restorations.  This book is to be commended for not
containing any overt swipes from other paleo-artists (as far as I can tell). 

The book contains an illustration of a Tyrannosaurus attacking a Plesiosaur (see Doubtboy) that I remember really enjoying as
a child. 

An Anchisaurus.  This dinosaur was not that common in kid's dinosaur books from the 1960's.

Ankylosaurus and Tyrannosaurus.