zim cover Dinosaurs, 1954
By Herbert S. Zim

I remember when I started first grade, a friend of mine found this book in the classroom library
and brought it to my attention.  Herbert S. Zim was a prolific author of kid's science and nature
books and he was the founder and editor of the Golden Nature Guides which were pocket-size
science and nature-oriented books for kids.

tyranno    iguanodon
The book contains many fine charcoal drawings by James Gordon Irving.  On the left, the
Tyrannosaurus legs may be a bit robust and he is drawn with the tail dragging on the ground,
but check out the Iguanodon on the right.  The body is oriented close to horizontal while the
tail is held clear off the ground.  This drawing is probably much more accurate than many of
the other contemporaneous (1950s or so) illustrations of Iguanodon, including the well known
restoration prepared by Neave Parker under the direction of W. E. Swinton.