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Marylloyd Claytor in Women of the Water: The Siren
Holiday Market in Pittsburgh's Mkt Sq

Liz reading oral interpretation
poems by Shakespeare, Plath, and Dickinson

Women of the Water was premiered in a showing at Dance Theater Workshop now entitled New York Live Arts. This is the first time the piece has been performed in Pittsburgh.

Ms. Claytor performed excerpts of other sections of the piece: The Figurehead and the Mermaid.
She also performed Ballspiel and Waterstudy by Isadora Duncan from The Dances of Isadora Duncan.

Women of the Water The Siren
Marylloyd Claytor

See original fashions from the Capricorn II line on Fridays 2PM during November. Vintage clothing in an installation art display in the cafe of the August Wilson Center is included in the program. Fibrearts and modern dance are a part of the installation. Opportunity to see Ms. Claytor's live fashion mannequins open the program. The mannequins come to life in a runway fashion show and dance excerpt.

Vintage polka dot dress

Images from the windows of the August Wilson Ctr
Glass is transparent but reflects the urban scene inside and outside

Living Mannequins
from the Urban Gurlz / Urbanscapes art installations

The weekly series is, live streaming, or on demand...Claytor Studio & Gallery has your viewing preference covered. www.pctv21.org
Experience a Fashion Remix
Currently airing Fridays at 2PM
In the city of Pittsburgh see the program on
Comcast Channel 21 or Verizon Channel 47. 
Vintage Fashion Show
Capricorn II living mannequins did a fabulous job in the patio windows of the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers Building on Pittsburgh's Southside. The still photos from video capture are a layered visual experience. The great view of Pittsburgh's rivers and hills are reflected in the windows. Guests arriving are looking at the mannequinn's as the mannequinns look at the guests. The guests inside socialize getting ready for the rest of the performance. 
Click on demand from the PCTV website address any time convenient to you. Click on the tab Claytor, Claytor Studio and Gallery.
Watch PCTV Channel 21 Comcast and Channel 47 Verizon 2:00 PM


In rehearsal...never seen in Pittsburgh ...
In post-production
An installation art vintage fashion show from on the road. See Marylloyd and her models and dancers along with fiberart soft sculpture doll clothed in vintage crochet. 
Fitness outdoors is another episode coming up soon. Late summer and early fall outdoor setting is the stage for upcoming segments of Warm Up to Warm Up on Claytor Studio and Gallery. 

Ears was premiered in a showing at New York Live Arts then Dance Theater Workshop in New York, New York. Model Katelyn takes the Ears costume to the runway during Pittsburgh Fashion Week

Katelyn in scarf overlay Capricorn II Fall 2012
Inspired by choreography Ears by Claytor

Informal modeling was the next part of the event
Alysia,Charles, David,and Chantal moved around the room showing the vintage outfits

                         More Vintage Fashion Show
The models did not talk to the guests as they continued the 'old school' informal modeling experience. It was entertaining as the models periodically were frozen in a fashion pose.

Claytor Design for Continuum
Another Capricorn II design

Marylloyd Claytor designed an original costume for the Continuum Dance Theatre December 2, 2012

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Thanks to all supporters during our fall season of events!

High fashion elegant model/dancers are the signature of everything MCDC as the stage costumes are fiberart high fashion... Capricorn II . The elegant models only need one name. If you missed the North Hills Art Center gallery opening the gallery crawl last month and the launch of the Capricorn II clothing line see video here and on our YouTube channel Claytorarts. There are daily updates of the art installation exhibit during week one. Coming next are the closing videos and photos from our fall season.


Marylloyd Claytor Dance Company is a 501(c)(3)non profit tax exempt organization

Urbanscapes Opening Performance at the North Hills Art Center

Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Runway show marathon caps off week

Models as mannequins at the August Wilson Center
Photo: MWilliams

President and Artistic Director Marylloyd Claytor
Live model as mannequin looks out on the world as the world reflects on her. Photo:MWilliams

What you missed last fall 2012...   Dolls
Installation and Performance Art
Living Mannequins in the window with Informal Modeling, Runway Vintage Fashion Show, and Modern Dance at the
August Wilson Center for African American Culture - Cafe during Pittsburgh's fall Gallery Crawl. In the window above left are Katelyn O'Leary, Bureshyo Umurerwa, Jamaya Robinson,and Chantal Sangwa. The Capricorn II line was premiered at the Clarion Hotel and Convention Center as part of Pittsburgh Fashion Week's Back-to-Back Runway Fashion Shows. Click on the link at the top of the page for more coverage in the Tribune Review Newspaper. See photos of the runway snake finale and Marissa in black wrap stretch knit  pants along with Bureshyo Umvrerwa in a russet knit fall tube dress.
You missed the 2012 events in September and October with us!


Scroll down to see the art installation of shoes from the 1960's purchased from old line department stores Kaufmann's and The Joseph Horne Co.

October 27 - Closing 12:00PM - 4:00PM Meet and Greet

obtain your tickets now 412-216-2616 suggested donation $25.00

Fashion Show and Modern Dance Performance

7:00PM - 8:00PM Modern Dance Performance with Art Installation

Hold onto summer a little longer and enjoy photography of Western Pennsylvania flowers and prepare for the winter holidays with photography of New York City's Greenwich Village and Harlem religious architecture. A look urban life continues with installation art with soft sculpture dolls, vintage shoes, and Capricorn II fashions.
North Hills Art Center 3432 Babcock Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA. 15237
Daily Showing Hours Monday through Saturday 12:00PM - 8:00 PM
Marylloyd Claytor hit the fall 2012 fashion runway in Faith Pongracz edgey fashion line Faith-N- Khaos at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall for the start of Pittsburgh Fashion Week.
Ms. Claytor mixed the runway and modern dance skills as only she can. 

Claytor Studio & Gallery Warm Up to Warm Up
PCTV - Channel 21 Comcast and Channel 47 Verizon
Tuesdays at 2:00 P.M. Streaming live http://www.pctv21.org/
See how De-Stress Fitness began. Check out a clip from the background on De-Stress Fitness presented at the dance studio of Mount Holyoke College .  Click on the link below or visit us on YouTube on the claytorarts channel.
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Marylloyd Claytor
Claytor Mkt St Arts Festival
Market Street Arts Festival, Market Street Academy Brownsville,PA.

Marylloyd Claytor
Claytor Mkt St Arts Festival 2012
Market Street Academy, Market Street Arts Festival, Brownsville, Pennsylvania

ROAD TRIP The Urban Gurlz on the road to a summer arts festival!
Marylloyd Claytor and Mary Williams went on the road to Brownsville, PA. for the Market Street Arts Festival May 18-May 20,2012. Mary displayed her photography. Marylloyd displayed her fiberarts and photography.
Marylloyd also performed excerpts from one of her original pieces "Women of the Sea" and celebrated American dance pioneer Isadora Duncan's 135th birthday at the Market Street Academy. Enjoy some of the photos from the ROAD TRIP.
March through May were great for the Marylloyd Claytor Dance Company organization. We had a great two week run at the North Hills Art Center. Look for more highlights here if you missed URBAN GURLZ! We finished the month of May at the second annual Market Street Arts Festival south of Pittsburgh in Brownsville, Pennsylvania.
Marylloyd Claytor performed at Community College of Allegheny County North's beautiful atrium for Women's History Month. Ms. Claytor performed an oral interpretation and dance performance highlighting the life and career of Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham. See the photo below of Ms. Claytor in an Isadora Duncan scarf dance improvisation.
Visit our channel on YouTube. Our channel is called claytorarts
Follow us  on twitter @mclaytordance

Fiberart lifesize doll and photography
Market Street Arts Festival, Brownsville, Pennsylvania

Marylloyd Claytor's Lifesize Fiberart doll
The doll enjoys the great entertainment along with the guests at the Market Street Arts Festival

Marylloyd and Brenda

Mary Jackie Marylloyd

Liz and Rachel

Urban Gurlz guests.jpg


Urban Gurlz artists, docent, and guest enjoy conversation about the art pieces.


Urban Gurlz guest and Mary

Mary Williams photographer

Urban Gurlz Installation

Marylloyd Claytor Fiberartist, Dancer, Actress

Williams and Claytor outside the North Hills Art Center(below left)

Williams Claytor Outside Gallery Urban Gurlz Showing
Williams and Claytor

Marylloyd Claytor performing in the CCAC North Campus Atrium

Claytor CCAC North Campus

Marylloyd Claytor in Isadora Duncan improvisation for Women's History Month at CCAC North, Pittsburgh, PA. (above right)
Below Marylloyd Claytor performs excerpts from her oral interpretation and dance production of "Martha Graham:Homegrown World Famous" as part of Women's History Month at Community College of Allegheny County North Campus, Atrium, March 2012.


Art Installation Showing April 22 - May 5
North Hills Art Center
Check for highlights of our two week run
Read about us in the northern neighborhood newspapers. Here is the link:
search with : Marylloyd Claytor
and ...Click on the article entitled: Aunt, niece collaborate on North Hills art exhibit.
Here is the web address:


Look for the feature article about the artists in the Minority Business Journal Marh/April issue.
We are always working on something new. Check back here for information about Urban Gurlz in production for our cable show coming back to PCTV Channel 21. Do not worry if you do not live in the city it will be broadcast on Verizon Fios as well as streaming on the Internet. We will fill you in on the details.
Celebrate Women's History Month
Marylloyd Claytor appears at Community College of Allegheny County North Campus with her new one woman show
Women in American Modern Dance
Tuesday March 27, 2012 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM.
Ms. Claytor will present Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham through oral interpretation. She will also perform Duncan's Ballspiel and Waterstudy along with Graham's Lamentation. Ms. Claytor will wear tunics recosntructed from Duncan's notes on costuming.
We are planning some exciting things for the new year. Some of the work premiered in New York City in 2009 and 2010 will be seen on local Pittsburgh cable television. If you are not in the city don't worry. Our local cable access station on the Comcast system is now carried on the Verizon Fios system. You also be able to see the programs streaming on the internet. There will be new work being choreographed for television.
There will be some live multimerdia installations in the new year. Look for news about new choreography, fiberarts, photography, and oral interpretation of original new poetry and dramatic monologues.
Two years of Showings have created over a dozen new works in progress. Summer 2010 the works will be coming to cable televsion and internet webisodes.
There are new works in progress. The modern dance roots have a new look with outdoor filming of the works in progress this season. Catch them on cable in "Behind the Scenes" and on the internet in our new webisode format.
We come indoors for the "Soiree Musicale". Hear classic piano favorites and new music.
The webisode is also a fashion show. The audiences love the gowns and cocktail dresses and you can catch all the fashion news too!
Marylloyd Claytor explores the impact of electronics in our lives from the beginnings of television. Ms. Claytor experiments with her greyscale and color bar dresses. She experiments with various styles of headphones an antenna.

Ms. Claytor is going back to her electronic music roots. She pulled  notes and music from her work at Hampshire College and Wesleyan University.
"I'm exploring those early improvisations and putting a new twist and edge on my work. You'll hear it when the new works hit the internet and cable programming I create. from the showing"

Marylloyd Claytor in "Ears"
Photo: Mary Williams

"Ears" choreographed by Marylloyd Claytor
Photos Mary WIlliams

Marylloyd Claytor
from Women of the Water Photo: Mary Wiliams

Plugged In Tuned Out
Claytor explores the Web 2.0 impact

Dance, Music, and Theatre
Performance Art and Fiberarts
The Marylloyd Claytor Dance Company is dedicated to the performing arts and ancillary artforms as well as arts education
Ms. Claytor has returned from New York City where she presented a showing of new solo works in progress.
One Woman Shows
Martha Graham: Homegrown World Famous
Working the Arts: Business of the Arts
'De-Stress' Fitness
We can design a workshop to suit your needs.
Effects available: watercolor or airbrush

Preview a clip from the original Entombed. Bonus clip of Medusa, from The Medusa Legend


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Marylloyd Claytor Dance Company BLOG

Marylloyd Claytor Dance Company features original and classic modern dance. We also are interested in performance art with the premiere of Martha Graham: Homegrown World Famous an Affiliate production of the Pittsburgh 250th Birthday Celebration November 2008 at Chatham University Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

See new choreography from Marylloyd Claytor in an informal showing at Dance Theater Workshop  New York, New York, August 1st, 2009.
First there was Entombed. Lady Madeline Usher was buried alive in the Poe's the Fall of the House of Usher. See the premiere of Entombed Expanded. Lady Madeline and brother Roderick meet as she is buried alive. Is Roderick real? Is Madeline real? Is Roderick evil or mentally ill? The new modern ballet/oral interpretation piece will open these questions for you the audience to answer. It includes the choreography from the original Entombed plus new choreography and script.
11:49 pm est


Original and classic modern dance, music, and theatre including performance art and fiberarts
Marylloyd Claytor Dance Company
P.O. Box 98112
Pittsburgh, PA. 15227
Phone - 412-216-2616
Fax - 412-882-3088
Follow Marylloyd on twitter
We are on myspace also
You can see Marylloyd on YouTube...check out our channel
Email any interests or questions you may have.

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