George Pasternack

George Pasternack, Ph.D.

Expert Witness and
Coating Consultant

Dr. Pasternack provides the technical expertise and scientific skills attorneys need to pursue cases involving chemicals and related materials. Expert witness service is provided for both plaintiff and defendant clients.

Dr. Pasternack has a Ph.D. in chemistry and offers more than 30 years of extensive R&D, manufacturing, patent law, worldwide government regulations compliance and management expertise in the chemical industry. A nationally known expert in the field of UV/EB curable coatings, Dr. Pasternack has more than 65 publications including patents, journal articles and presentations at technical conferences.

Dr. Pasternack has excellent writing skills and is able to communicate complex chemical technology into easy to understand language. His extensive knowledge of chemical and physical analytical test methods is a critical asset in achieving favorable results in client litigation.

A complete range of services is provided which include reviewing case history, site inspection, failure analysis, laboratory testing, technical strategy, attorney deposition and court testimony.

Areas of Expertise:

Paints and coatings
UV curable coatings
EB curable coatings
Laboratory testing
Manufacturing process
Failure analysis
Physical and mechanical testing
Hazardous materials
Material Safety Data Sheets
Trade secrets
Chemical safe handling