Madeira Embroidery Class
Lillie McAnge

Applique Cord Roses Tea Towel

Class Description

Hours: 6 hours
Area of Study: FHS
Skill Level: All skill levels

Learn the beautiful embroidery technique known as applique cord while making a beautiful rose on an Irish linen tea towel. Applique cord is a variation of the pinstitch or Point de Paris stitch and is a beautiful technique which gives dimension to embroidery. It can be seen on lovely Ayrshire christening gowns and baby clothes and it is used many times in monogramming and other whitework techniques. The rose design is an adaptation from a ATurn of the Century@ French publication for professional embroideresses. The Irish linen hand towel will be finished with a replique hem incorporating the pinstitch.

Project Kit

Cost: $20.00
Kit Contents: Fine Irish linen, hand sewing thread, needles, fine cording, finger shield and handout with design.

Classroom Supplies

Basic student supplies and task lighting with magnification and power strips to connect them.

For additional information contact:

Lillie McAnge
1311 Oak Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24060
(540) 951-2820