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Very little is known about James Corbett, Sr. except what can be found in his Last Will and Testament.  Some researchers think that he may have moved from North Carolina to South Carolina, others say that perhaps he was a first generation Corbett in America.  Since there are no facts to support either of these arguments at the present time, we begin our Corbett/Corbitt Family tree with him as our first generation


James and Mary Holland Smith Corbett had six children.  Two of the children, James Jr. and Henry Hampton Corbett continued to live in South Carolina.  Elizabeth married and moved to Georgia with her husband.  Jesse Wesley, William Batson and Lovett Samuel Corbett all migrated to Alabama.  It was during the move or at the time of their arrival in Alabama that the spelling of the last name became Corbitt.  Those who remained in South Carolina continued the Corbett spelling and it remains that way today. 


It is unknown why these three brothers moved to Alabama or why the spelling of the last name changed.  It is known that land was available for “homesteading” during that period of time and that is what probably attracted them to Henry County.  Jesse and Lovett both obtained land patents in Henry County, AL and were farmers. According to a descendent of William Batson Corbitt, he died “on the trail” to Alabama but his wife, Jane, continued the journey and lived close to her brothers-in-law for the remainder of her life.  In addition to being a farmer, Jesse was also a Methodist preacher and it appears that both brothers prospered during those early years.  As for further narration, you will need to read the accompanying document.  My direct family line, if you are interested, is James, Jesse Wesley, William Samuel, John Wesley Talley and Wesley Marvin Corbitt.  I have deleted living generations from this document except to show them as “living”.  The World Wide Web is a tremendous tool, but it is not a place to post living family information.  Contact me if you think you may be related via a living Corbitt.


Every effort has been made to be accurate but I am sure there are errors.  I sincerely hope that as errors are found, they will be brought to my attention.  I would also appreciate additional input on any family member included in this document.


Whenever possible, I have tried to include more than just names, dates and places when such data is available.  It’s interesting to know facts such as those but it is far more fascinating, at least for me, to know something about the individual.  I want to know who our ancestors really were and how they lived their day-to-day lives.  Although difficult to obtain, that information is documented when available and it is my sincere hope that some family member will carry this project forward so that three, four or even eight generations from now, our descendants will know something about each of us.


My interest in tracing the Corbitt family stems from my fascination with the American Civil War.  My wife and I have visited many battlefields over the years and I always wondered if I had any direct ancestors who were engaged in any battles in the places we have visited.  I must admit, however, that once you start in genealogy, it becomes very addictive.  The more you learn, the more you want to know so I simply could not stop with Civil War ancestors.


My regret now … I should have listened years ago when my aunts, uncles and grandparents were telling their stories.  


I hope you enjoy the journey of our family from James to Jesses Wesley to William Samuel and beyond and be sure to sign my Guestbook at the bottom of the Corbitt Tree or you can send me an email directly by clicking on the “Contact Me” line at the bottom of the page.  Be sure to use the “Find” feature on your web browser if you are looking for someone in particular.  On Internet Explorer, it’s under Edit then Find on Page.  When the popup box appears, input the name you are attempting to find, Jesse or Jesse Wesley as an example.




The Corbitt/Corbett Family of South Carolina and Alabama



Descendants of James Corbitt, Sr


James Corbett, Sr


Generation No. 1


1.  James Corbett, Sr was born Abt. 1773 in SC, and died September 11, 1846 in Sumter County, SC.  He married Mary Holland Smith Abt. 1800 in Sumpter, SC, daughter of Arthur Smith and Cordelia Raburn.  She was born Abt. 1775 in Balden County, NC, and died 1844 in Kershaw County, SC.


Notes for James Corbett, Sr:



 In the name of God Amen, I, James Corbett, Senior, of the State of South Carolina and District of Sumter (Planter) and being of sound mind and memory but sensible of the uncertainty of human life, and being desirous of disposing of my Estate, both Real and Personal and mixed while I have capacity of mind to do so, do hereby make and ordain and declare this to be my last Will and Testament in the manner following, to wit &endash;


Item1: I give and bequeath to my son Jesse Corbett the sum of five dollars, to my son James Corbett, Jr., five dollars, to my son Samuel Corbett, five dollars, and to my son-in-law Stephen Hanks the sum of five dollars, to be paid to each of them by my Executors or Administrators.


Item 2: I also give and bequeath to my son Samuel Corbett an old negroe man named Abraham, which he now has in possession.


Item 3: I desire that as soon after my decease as practicable, that my Executors or Administrators shall sell all my Estate both Real and Personal to the highest bidder (that shall not be otherwise disposed of in this Will) on a credit of one and two years.


Item 4: I give and bequeath to my friend Col. William I. Reynolds the following named negroes, to wit my old negroe woman Vancy, and her three children namely, Eliza, Preston and Isabella, and their increase, said W. I. Reynolds to take the negroes, Vancy, Eliza, Preston and Isabella as his property immediately after my decease as Trustee or Guardian.


Item 5: I further give and bequeath to W. I. Reynolds my Mill Tract of Land situated on both sides of the Beaver Dam and containing five hundred and forty acres.


Item 6: I give and bequeath to my friend W. I. Reynolds five hundred dollars to be paid to him by my Executors or Administrators out of my Estate for said negroes.


Item 7: It is my will and desire that my Executors or Administrators shall invest the proceeds of the sale of the Estate in Bank Stock (of property not herein otherwise disposed of) until my Grandsons hereinafter to be named, shall become of legal age.


Item 8: I will and bequeath to my following grandsons, share and share alike equally, the money above mentioned, the proceeds of the sale of the Estate not otherwise willed or disposed of and also the money I may have in hand or that may accrue to me from bonds or notes at the time of my death, share and share alike, namely, to the two oldest sons of William B. Corbett, to the two oldest sons of Jesse Corbett, to the two oldest sons of Hampton Corbett, to the two oldest sons of Samuel Corbett, to the two oldest sons of James Corbett, Jr., to the two oldest sons of my daughter Betsey, the wife of Stephen Hanks, and if one grandson should died before marriage the next oldest to heir his portion, these legacies to be paid to each by my Executors or Administrators as they attain the age of twenty-one years.


9th and lastly, I do hereby appoint and nominate Col. W. I. Reynolds and James Corbett, Jr., the Executors to this my last will and testament, hereby revoking and annulling all former wills by me made, and in testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal, this the tenth day of April, eighteen hundred and forty-five, and in the sixty-ninth year of the Independence of the United States of Amerca


Signed, sealed, declared and published by James Corbett, Sr., as and for his last will and testament in our presence, who at his request and in his presence have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses &endash;


John Moseley, John I. T. Hatfield, John Reynolds =


James ( X ) Corbett, Senr. (SEAL)

his mark


Recorded in Will Book D-2, Page 203. Recorded 11th day of Sept., 1846.

W. Lewis, Ordy. Bundle 120, Page 4


In 2004, Family Group Sheets, hand written by Mr. Len Boykin, were obtained from the Camden, SC library.  This documentation dated January 9, 1984 records that James Sr. and Mary Holland Corbett were separated in 1827.


Mr. Boykin also uncovered a written document entitled "1847 Sales of Negroes".  Although very difficult to read, it appears to be dated March 12, 1847.  It lists all of the slaves by name indicating how much was paid and who bought the slaves that were sold in accordance with James Corbett's Will.  Of special interest and again, it is very hard to read but it appears that the provisions in the Will for slave Vancy and her children Eliza, Preston and Isabella were legally voided after his death.  They were also included in the 1847 sale.  Vancy and child Isabella were sold to W.L. Reynolds for $485.00.  Eliza (there is a word before her name that I cannot make-out) and children were sold for $705.00 to what looks like Thos. Freedon.  Boy Preston was sold to W. Lewis for $425.00.  W. Lewis signed this document.


It appears that spelling of the name Corbitt/Corbett changes with the children of James and Mary.  It appears that the descendents that remained in South Carolina continued to utilize the Corbett spelling while those who moved to Alabama begin to spell the name Corbitt.  The reason has not been determined.


It appears that this Corbett/Corbitt may have been born in NC since according to LDS records at least one son, William Batson Corbitt, was born there.  This needs to be investigated.


Will of Arthur Smith (father of Mary Holland Smith Corbett) Excerpts:

"I give and bequeath unto my son in Law James Corbett, unto my grand daughter Rebecca Hanks, unto my daughter in Law Mary Ann, widow of my Son John Smith deceased, unto my daughter in Law Tereby, widow of my Son Stephen Smith deceased, each the sum of Ten dollars ($10) which will be their entire portion of my estate."

Then it goes on to say that the remainder of the estate is be "divided into 6 equal parts" with one part going to his daughter Holland Smith. 

The next item says "It is my will and desire that the above named property that my fall to the share of my daughter Holland Corbett, shall not be disposed of by her, be encumbered by directed or used in any manner, by her present or any future husband, neither is her present or future husband to have any interest in the same, in any way whatever, during her natural life, Nor is her present or future husband to have any use or interest in the same after her death, but left in trust to my executors, to be by them disposed of to her children."

There seems to be a problem with his daughter Holland, his son-in-law James Corbett Sr. or both.




Children of James Corbett and Mary Smith are:

2.            i.            Elizabeth Corbitt, b. Abt. 1798, Probably  SC; d. December 1843, Harris County, GA.

3.            ii.   James S. Corbett, Jr, b. 1797, Darlington County, SC; d. July 30, 1856, Sumter County, SC.

4.           iii.   Jesse Wesley Corbitt, b. August 22, 1803, Darlington County, SC; d. May 01, 1857, Lawerenceville, Henry County,  Al.

5.          iv.   William Batson Corbitt, b. Abt. 1805, SC; d. Abt. 1853, Henry County, AL.

6.           v.   Lovett Samuel Corbitt, b. 1808, Sumter County, SC; d. July 20, 1860, Lawrenceville, Henry County, AL.

7.          vi.   Henry Hampton Corbett, b. June 23, 1812, Sumter County, SC; d. October 26, 1882, Sumter County, SC.



Generation No. 2


2.  Elizabeth Corbitt (James1 Corbett, Sr) was born Abt. 1798 in Probably  SC, and died December 1843 in Harris County, GA.  She married Steven Hanks Abt. 1821 in Sumpter, SC.  He was born April 15, 1786 in Lemoir County, NC, and died September 1853 in Harris County, GA.


Notes for Steven Hanks:

Information on the children of Steven and Elizabeth were obtained from Rootweb and are documented for future research.


Children of Elizabeth Corbitt and Steven Hanks are:

               i.   Sarah Elizabeth Hanks.

              ii.   Mary Ashbery Hanks.

              iii.   Louisa Rebecca Hanks.

             iv.   Marhta Sophie Hanks.

              v.   Harriett Jane Hanks.

             vi.   George McDuffie Hanks.

            vii.   James M. Hanks.

            viii.   Hampton Howell Hanks.

             ix.   Thomas Washington Hanks.

              x.   Frances Mynier Hanks, b. February 05, 1821.

             xi.   Ellen Margaret Hanks, b. April 17, 1830.

             xii.  Caroline Ely Hanks, b. October 25, 1840.

            xiii.  Stephen Lawrence Hanks, b. December 25, 1824, Camden , SC; d. February 28, 1899, Columbus, GA; m. Martha Eugenia Jones; b. October 21, 1835, White Plains, GA; d. April 21, 1877.


Notes for Martha Eugenia Jones:

Burial: Jones Cemetery, Randolph, GA



3.  James S. Corbett, Jr (James1) was born 1797 in Darlington County, SC, and died July 30, 1856 in Sumter County, SC.  He married Priscilla Ann Smith Abt. 1824, daughter of Jesse Smith and Mary Lucas.  She was born 1803 in NC, and died Aft. 1870.


Notes for James S. Corbett, Jr:

1850 Sumpter, SC census:

Given name        Surname    Age  Sex       Occupation  RE Value   Birth Place

James S.             Corbett, Jr. 50     m        Planter         $1,500.00  SC

Priscilla Ann (Smith)              47      f                                                SC

Sarah A.                                 20      f                                                SC

Thomas G.                            18      m                                               SC

Miriam Ann                           16       f                                                SC

William Samuel                    14     m                                               SC

Jesse A.                               12      m                                               SC

Frances Louisa                      8       f                                                SC


1850 Census Information on Corbett and related families ( includes property location references)

Kershaw County, SC:

Residence # 1061 Henry Hampton Corbett s/o James Corbett and Holland Smith

Residence # 1081 W.J. Reynold age 41 - possibly inherited Mill Tract on Beaverdam from James                               Corbett Sr. in 1846

Residence # 1145 William T. Belvin, future husband of Sarah R. Corbett

Residence # 1152  John J. Meyers J. and Mary Leona Corbett - Uncle of Charles Usher Meyers, husband                                of Eliza R. McLeod, Mary Leona daughter of James and Priscilla Corbett

Residence # 1154 James and Sophronia Dorrity Corbett son of James and Prisscila Smith Corbett,                               daughter of John and Mary Boykin Dorrity

Residence # 1159 Widow Sarah Weldon, mother of Mary Fletcher Weldon, daughter in law of Jame and                               Pricilla Corbett

Residence # 1160 James and Priscillia Ann Smith Corbett


James Jr may have married his 1st cousin - According to one researcher, James Jr. married the daughter of his mother's brother.


Children of James Corbett and Priscilla Smith are:

               i.   Mary Leona Corbett, b. Abt. 1825, SC; d. Abt. 1857; m. John Myers; b. Abt. 1824, SC; d. January 05, 1864, Hardeeville, SC.


Notes for Mary Leona Corbett:

I have also seen her name as Levona.


8.            ii.   James Joseph Corbett, b. September 19, 1827, Corbett's Mill, Lee County, SC; d. August 03, 1870, Lee County, SC.

              iii.   Sarah A Corbett, b. Abt. 1830, SC; m. William Tyre Belvin, January 01, 1851.

             iv.   Thomas G Corbett, b. November 27, 1832, SC; d. December 11, 1894; m. Mary Fletcher Weldon; b. February 19, 1837, SC.

              v.   Miriam Ann Corbett, b. Abt. 1834, SC; d. June 11, 1900; m. (1) William Daniel McEachern, Abt. 1854; b. Abt. 1835, SC; d. March 13, 1862; m. (2) James Ammons, Abt. 1870; b. Abt. 1824, SC; d. Bef. 1880.

             vi.   William Samuel Corbett, b. Abt. 1836, SC; d. Aft. 1880.

            vii.   Jesse A Corbett, b. Abt. 1838, SC; d. December 31, 1920; m. Elizabeth M Britton, January 17, 1857, SC.

            viii.   Francis Louisa Corbett, b. Abt. 1842, SC; m. John L Stokes, December 07, 1858, SC.



4.  Jesse Wesley Corbitt (James1 Corbett, Sr) was born August 22, 1803 in Darlington County, SC, and died May 01, 1857 in Lawerenceville, Henry County,  Al.  He married Mary E. McKinnon January 20, 1820 in Sumter Co., SC.  She was born January 12, 1801 in Camden, SC, and died 1881 in Clopton, Dale County, Al.


Notes for Jesse Wesley Corbitt:

He attended the University of North Carolina and was a Methodist minister according to more than one family member.  He was evidently a farmer also.  According to Land Patent records maintained by the Federal Bureau of Land Management, Jessie obtained three tracts of land for a total of 200 acres mol.  The property is located approximately 15 miles west of Lawrenceville, Henry County, AL.  These patents were recorded in the following years: 12/10/1841, 9/1/1849 and 4/1/1850.  I was able to determine that his 1841 land patent is located at the current intersection of Henry County Roads 117 and 29.  A visit in August 2004 revealed that some houses and moble homes are on the property now.  No farming is visiable.


The book "The History of Henry County Alabama" lists the early pioneer settlers of Lawrenceville as: Cassedy, Corbitt, Culver, Carter, Davis, Lawrence, Crawford, Wood, Wilcoxin, Ward, Whitehurst, McAllister, West and Thomas families.  It further states that the families came to upper Henry County in the early 1820's from NC, SC, and GA.


"The Rev. Jesse W. and wife, Mary McKinnon Corbitt, with his compass and slaves blazed part of the way to Alabama when they moved from Winston-Salem, N.C., in 1822 to a large body or tract of land near the town of Lawrenceville, Alabama, which they had bought." [Copied excerpts from a letter written by Lonie Reynolds (daughter of Margaret Elizabeth Corbitt).  Letter received by Jennie (Corbitt), February 14, 1941.]  Note:  I can find no evidence that he lived in  Winston-Salem, N.C. during any period of his life.  The census below would also indicate that he did not move to AL in the 1822 time period because of the birthplace of his children, specifically, Josephine and JWT.  The land patent of 1841 is probably the time he moved with this family to AL although he may have moved a year or two earlier and "squatted" on the land until it was made available for patent.  I understand that practice was not at all uncommon.


I have been unable to definitely locate census records for him earlier than 1850 although the following may be a record of Jesse:

1820 Sumter District Census; Sumter, Clarendon, Lee Counties, SC

[Key to Number Columns]

Males: to 10; 10-16; 16-18; 16-26; 26-45; 45 >|Females: to 10; 10-16; 16-26; 26-45; 45>

Jesse W. Corbitt                    0-0-0-1-0-0     |    0-0-1-0-0


CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  AL  COUNTY:  Henry  DIVISION:  The Southern District 



Carbett       Jesse W.       47   M         Farmer         1,000     SC

Carbett       Mary              47   F                                            NC

Carbett       Wm.               17   M         Farmer                      SC

Carbett       S. F.               16   F                                            SC

Carbett       J. A.               14   M                                           SC

Carbett       Josephine     12   F                                            SC

Carbett       J. W. T.          10  M                                            AL

Carbett       Margarette       8  F                                            AL


A review of the 1855 State Census documents the following:

white males under 21=2; white males over 21=2; white females under 21=2; white females over 21=2; total white=8; slaves=9; free color=0; total inhabitants=17.


He probably was a Mason (Masonic emblem on his grave stone) and the lodge may have been the Lawrenceville Masonic Lodge No. 218


From the Southern Christian Advocate (South Carolina) dated 6/11/1857:

(Methodist newspaper)

Rev. Jesse W. Corbitt, a local elder in the Abbeville Circuit, Ala. Conf., was born in Darlington Dist., S.C., Aug. 22nd, 1803; removed to Alabama in 1837, and died of measles, May 1st, 1857, aged about 54 years.


In early life he embraced religion, but was led astray by wicked associates.  The year after he came to Alabama, he was reclaimed.  In 1839, he was licensed to exhort; in which work he did great good. In 1846 he was licensed to preach and continued to labor as a local preacher until he finished his work.  He was a very corpulent man - weighing 400 lbs., but not withstanding, he was untiring in his work.  He was a good preacher, and a sweet singer; and he would pass through a revival preaching, exhorting and singing, doing much good for the cause of his Master.  He had labored long in this section of this county, and was very much beloved by all.  When taken sick, he seemed to have a presentment that he would never get well.  He communicated that to his family and though they were much distressed, he seemed composed and perfectly resigned to the will of God.  He called his children around him and had them sing many songs of Zion of his own selection.  He was perfectly rational all the time of his affliction.  Before he died, he requested that all the medicine should be taken out of his sight; for says he: "I am done taking it. Now let me sleep."  His son, who was sitting nearest to him, left his seat, and his father called him back and said to him, "now watch me; for very soon I am gong to cross the cold stream of Jordan; but I have no fears."  The next day he fell quietly asleep in the arms of Jesus, without struggle or groan.  The last word he was ever heard to utter was "Lord Jesus."  The 2nd quarterly conference of the Abbeville circuit held May 16th, 1857, passed unanimously the following resolution offered by the committee appointed for that purpose.

Whereas, since our last Q.M.C., God, in his providence, has deprived this circuit of one (of) its most valuable and beloved members, by the death of Rev. J.W. Corbitt; and where as, with chastened hearts we bow with humble resignation to the dispensation of the Master, we are left to mourn as those who have hope, but are assured that our loss is his eternal gain.

Resolved 1st,  That we, as a conference, sorrow when we reflect, that the place he once occupied among us, shall know him no more forever; and we must be deprived of his counsels as a minister, and pleasant associations as a friend and brother.

Resolved 2nd,  that we tenderly sympathize with the bereaved family of the departed brother, and commend them to Him who promised to be a husband to the widow, and a Father to the fatherless. J.J. Edwards, Sec.


Jessie is buried in a cemetery at the Lawrenceville Baptist Church in Lawrenceville, Henry County, AL.



Notes for Mary E. McKinnon:

Her parents from Glasgoe, Scotland and landed in Charleston, SC. in about 1800 according to family stories.  The LDS Library has her name as both Mary Elizabeth and Mary F. McKinnon.  According to "The History of Henery County Alabama", her name was Mary E. McKinnon. That same book also records that she was born in NC and that she and Jesse were married in Barbour County, AL.  Other research does not prove this last claim.

She is listed in the 1860 census for Lawrenceville living between hers sons, Daniel and William Samuel.  Her age is listed as 58 with $11,015 in personal assets and incates she was born in NC.  Margaret at age 16 also lives with her as does a third individual by the name of (hard to read) Henry Hambell or maybe Cambell Corbitt?? who is16 and born in GA.

The 1870 census documents that she lived in Barbour County, AL although it still list the township as Lawrenceville.  That census shows that she is 69 years old and is a native of SC.  It also documents that Martha Corbett (Mary's name is also spelled Corbett in this census) lives with her, is 16 and born in AL.  She is living next to Joseph and Margaret (Corbitt) Clark.  I have not been able to locate any census records for Mary in 1880.

According to family stories, Mary is buried next to Jesse.  A visit to the Lawrenceville Baptist Church cemetery did not reveal a marker for Mary next to Jesse.  The cemetery is overgrown and she may be interred there but nothing could be found to substantiate the family claim.


Children of Jesse Corbitt and Mary McKinnon are:

9.            i.   Daniel E.3 Corbitt, b. March 04, 1822, SC; d. June 21, 1869, Lawrenceville, Henry County, AL.

              ii.   Larkin J. Corbitt, b. May 22, 1824, SC; d. September 18, 1861, Henry County, AL.


Notes for Larkin J. Corbitt:

According to "The History of Henery County Alabama", he was a merchant.  Buried in the Lawrenceville Cemetery, Henry County, AL.


10.         iii.   Christian A. Corbitt, b. January 28, 1827, SC; d. December 08, 1902, Skipperville, Dale County, AL.

11.         iv.   William Samuel Corbitt, b. December 29, 1829, SC; d. July 07, 1904, Hartford, Geneva County, AL.

              v.   Mary Frances Corbitt, b. August 18, 1832; d. November 18, 1856, Henry County, AL; m. George Washington Wright, Sr, January 17, 1856, Henry County, AL; b. Abt. 1836, Henry County, AL.


Notes for Mary Frances Corbitt:

She is buried at Wright Cemetery, Wrights Chapel, Henry County, AL.  LDS records document that she was born in Sumter, South Carolina.


             vi.   Jesse A. Corbitt, b. April 24, 1837, SC; d. December 30, 1919; m. Jennie; b. Abt. 1845, AL.


Notes for Jesse A. Corbitt:

I have also seen date of birth as April, 14, 1835.


"CORBI(E)TT, Jesse A. (3rd Lieutenant, Company B, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Surrendered at Appomattox. Buried at Abbeville City Cemetery, Henry County, Alabama. Gravestone marked 2 Sgt Co. B. 6th Ala. Inf. C.S.A. No Dates. Jesse A. Corbitt was born about 1836 probably in Barbour County the son of Mary E. McKinnon (b 1803 in North Carolina) and Jesse W. Corbitt (b 1803 in South Carolina) Jesse was at one time Sheriff of Henry County Alabama and was also a Lawyer in Abbeville, Henry County Alabama"  Source:  Note: Census record below indicates that he was born in South Carolina.


1880 US census for Abbeville, Henry, Alabama:

Key:  Name |Relation | Marital Status | Gender | Race | Age | Birthplace | Occupation | Father's Birthplace | Mother's Birthplace

 J. A. CORBITT       Self    M   Male       W   45   SC   Lawyer              SC   NC 

 Jennie CORBITT   Wife   M   Female   W   35   AL   House Keeper   NC   FL


Some research indicates that Jennie's maiden name may have been Virginia A. W. Skipper and that she and Jesse may have married on April 9, 1877.


The book "Henry's Heritage" has Jesse as the first Mayor of Abbeville.  He was elected March 23, 1873 but evidently the entire elected slate was ineffective or was not needed at the time and soon dissolved.



12.        vii.            Josephine Rebecca Corbitt, b. January 29, 1838.

            viii.   John W.T. Corbitt, b. September 14, 1841.


Notes for John W.T. Corbitt:

There is a W.T. Corbitt shown as a member of the 6th AL Infantry, Co. B.  Since there were also two other Corbitt brothers in this same Regiment, it is logical that this is John.  Needs more research.


13.         ix.   Margaret Elizabeth Corbitt, b. February 12, 1844, Henry County, AL; d. January 26, 1926, Henry County, AL.



5.  William Batson2 Corbitt (James1 Corbett, Sr) was born Abt. 1805 in SC, and died Abt. 1853 in Henry County, AL.  He married Jane Kelly Bef. 1834 in Probably SC.  She was born January 06, 1815 in Columbia, Richland County, SC, and died November 22, 1879 in Dale County, AL.


Notes for William Batson Corbitt:

All information on William, his wife and children was furnished by Larry Hammack and has not been verified by this researcher although Mr Hammack seems to have researched this line of the Corbett/Corbitt family in detail.  Mr Hammack in his research has determined that William died "on the trail while moving the family from SC to Henry County, AL".

There is some question as to when he and Jane migrated to AL.  He appears in the 1850 census for Sumter District, SC as Wm B Corbett, 45, Male, Planter with property valued at $2,000.00.  Listed with him are Jane, 30, Female; Wm J, 14, Male; Mary, 12, Female; Henry E, 7, Male; Robert M, 5, Male; Sarah E, 4, Female and Joseph D, 2, Male.  Also, Mr. Len Boykin uncovered a hand written document  which appears to be original entitled "1847 Sales of Negroes".  Although very difficult to read, it appears to be dated March 12, 1847.  It documents that William bought a slave named Becky and her 4 children from the estate of his father for $460.00.


Notes for Jane Kelly:

A review of the 1855 State Census documents the following:

white males under 21=3; white males over 21=0; white females under 21=3; white females over 21=1; total white=7; slaves=8; free color=0; total inhabitants=15.  The census is listed under the name of Mrs Jane Corbitt.


Children of William Corbitt and Jane Kelly are:

               i.   William James3 Corbitt, b. December 11, 1834, Kershaw District, SC; d. December 04, 1864, Kingston, Bartow County, GA.


Notes for William James Corbitt:

William was a member of Co. H, 37th Alabama Infantry, CSA.  He was killed in action near Kingston GA, probably the battle of Picketts Mill.


              ii.   Mary Ann Corbitt, b. March 09, 1837, SC; d. February 27, 1921, Blakely, Early County, AL.

              iii.   T. T. Corbitt, b. June 17, 1839.

             iv.   Henry E. Corbitt, b. November 26, 1841, SC; d. July 22, 1862, Grenada, Grenada County, MS.


Notes for Henry E. Corbitt:

Died of Pneumonia while serving as a CSA soldier during the Civil War.


              v.   Robert M. Corbitt, b. April 22, 1844, SC; d. April 16, 1863, Yazoo, Yazoo County, MS.


Notes for Robert M. Corbitt:

Died of Typhoid while serving as a CSA soldier during the Civil War.


             vi.   Sarah E. Corbitt, b. November 12, 1846, SC; d. November 1916, Henry County, AL.

            vii.   Joseph D. Corbitt, b. January 19, 1849.

            viii.            Susannah Caroline Corbitt, b. September 18, 1851, Columbia, Richland County, SC; d. October 10, 1914, Abbeville, Henry County, AL; m. Clarke.


Notes for Susannah Caroline Corbitt:

Buried in Abbeville City Cemetery, Abbeville, Henry County, AL.


Notes for Clarke:

His name may have been A S Clarke, s/o  William and Elizabeth Clarke of Clopton, Dale County, Alabama.



6.  Lovett Samuel2 Corbitt (James1 Corbett, Sr) was born 1808 in Sumter County, SC, and died July 20, 1860 in Lawrenceville, Henry County, AL.  He married Martha Louisa Wilson Abt. 1829.  She was born 1808 in SC, and died Aft. 1880 in Barbour County, AL.


Notes for Lovett Samuel Corbitt:

1850  Census for the Southern District, Henry county, AL

        NAME                    AGE   SEX  RACE  OCCUP.         VAL.      BIRTHPLACE      

Corbitt        Lovet S.       42      M      W       Farmer         2,000     SC

Corbitt        Martha L.     42      F                                                    SC

Corbitt        Elias J.        17      M                 Farmer                       SC

Corbitt        W. C. P.       16      M                                                    SC

Corbitt        Malisse E.   14      F                                                    AL

Corbitt        Martha H.    12       F                                                   AL

Corbitt        Mary E.       11       F                                                   AL

Corbitt        Jesse M.      2       F                                                    AL



Notes for Martha Louisa Wilson:

I have also seen her name listed as Martha Jane Wilson and one researcher lists it as Mary Louise Wilson.


Children of Lovett Corbitt and Martha Wilson are:

14.           i.   Elias James3 Corbitt, b. Abt. 1833, SC; d. Abt. 1858, Henry or Barbour County, AL.

              ii.   William C. P. Corbitt, b. Abt. 1834, SC.

              iii.   Malissa Emeline Corbitt, b. Abt. 1836, Lawrenceville, Henry County, AL.

             iv.   Martha H. Corbitt, b. Abt. 1838, Lawrenceville, Henry County, AL.

              v.   Mary Elizabeth Corbitt, b. 1840, Lawrenceville, Henry County, AL.


Notes for Mary Elizabeth Corbitt:

This is thought to be the Mary Elizabeth Corbitt, born May 4, 1840; died June 11, 1914 and is buried in the Weeks Family cemetery  in Coffee County, AL.  This Mary married Robert Samual Fillingim.


             vi.   Jesse M. Corbitt, b. Abt. 1848, Lawrenceville, Henry County, AL.


Notes for Jesse M. Corbitt:

1860 Mortality Schedule Henry County, Alabama  - Brock Beat #10

Jesse Corbitt: age14, Male, Born in Al, Died March, ill 15 days before death, the cause of death was Typhoid.


            vii.   Eliza Jane Corbitt, b. June 07, 1851, Lawrenceville, Henry County, AL; d. March 06, 1918, Blue Springs, Barbour County, AL; m. James Robert Carroll Sr, November 28, 1867, Henry County, AL; b. April 28, 1848, Newton, Dale County, AL; d. January 24, 1921, Blue Springs, Barbour County, AL.



7.  Henry Hampton2 Corbett (James1) was born June 23, 1812 in Sumter County, SC, and died October 26, 1882 in Sumter County, SC.  He married Rebecca Martha Watts February 13, 1831 in SC.  She was born March 19, 1815 in Sumter County, SC, and died April 12, 1891 in Sumter County, SC.


Notes for Henry Hampton Corbett:

It is reported that he is buried at Salem Southern Methodist Church Cemetery, Lee Co., SC.  This is unverified.

From the Sumter Watchman,  Wednesday July 30 1873

Burning Of Corbetts Mills-

On Monday night, July 14, about 10 o'clock, the Saw and Grist Mills and Cotton Gin attached, the property of Mr. Hampton H. Corbett, situated on Beaver Dam, about five miles from Spring Hill, were entirely destroyed by fire. And the loss falls heavily upon almost every worthy citizen, there being no insurance upon the property. Mr Corbett, states, that Hannibal Carter, a colored man, formerly the slave of his father, was first to reach the scene and render assistance, which he did with much spirit. He also states, and we note the fact with much pleasure, that a number of whites and colored neighbors, have voluntarily tendered gratuitous assistance, in labor and that the work of rebuilding will go promptly forward.


Last Will and Testament of Hampton H. Corbett:


In the name of God Amen.  I Hampton H. Corbett being feeble of body, but sound in mind do make this my last Will and Testament.


1st I desire that all my just debts be paid.


2nd I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife during the term of her natural life all that tract of Land, containing Three Hundred acres whereon I now reside, and all personal property of which I may die possessing, and at and after her death to my son Alexander H. Corbett, and the heirs of his body, and in default of any such heirs, then in that case, said property both real and personal property of my Estate, be divided amongst my Heirs.


I hereby constitute and appoint my sons Alexander M. and Joseph R. Corbett Executors to this my last will and testament.  In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 23rd day of January one thousand Eight hundred Seventy four.


                                                                        Hampton H. Corbett


 Signed sealed and delivered in the Presence of us, each did sign our Names witherto

H. E. L. Peebles

Sallie R. Corbett

Mary A. Galloway






Notes for Rebecca Martha Watts:

Buried at Salem Southern Methodist Church Cemetery, Lee Co., SC.  (Lee County SC was evidently part of Sumter County at some point.)


Children of Henry Corbett and Rebecca Watts are:

               i.            Alexander McLean3 Corbett, b. December 13, 1831, Sumpter, SC; d. September 29, 1909, Sumpter, SC.


Notes for Alexander McLean Corbett:

AKA Duncan.


              ii.   Samuel Joseph Corbett, b. December 16, 1833, Sumpter, SC; d. June 16, 1897, Sumpter, SC.

              iii.   Julius Clenny Corbett, b. March 26, 1836, Sumpter, SC; d. July 02, 1863, Gettysburg, PA.

             iv.            Hampton Fletcher Corbett, b. August 09, 1839, Sumpter, SC; d. October 16, 1861, Columbia, SC; m. Margaret Rebecca Smith.

              v.   Mary Agnes Corbett, b. February 07, 1842, Sumpter, SC; d. 1891; m. Jesse William Smith, November 16, 1864, Spring Hill, Sumpter Dist., SC; b. July 07, 1842; d. May 31, 1888, Sumpter, SC.

             vi.   Sarah Rebecca Corbett, b. February 11, 1845; d. February 14, 1920; m. John F. Matthews, January 13, 1876.

            vii.   Margaret Henreitta Corbett, b. October 15, 1847, SC; d. May 10, 1915; m. James Henry Chewning.



Generation No. 3


8.  James Joseph3 Corbett (James S.2, James1) was born September 19, 1827 in Corbett's Mill, Lee County, SC, and died August 03, 1870 in Lee County, SC.  He married (1) Saphronia Dority November 02, 1848.  She was born Abt. 1828 in SC, and died September 09, 1855.  He married (2) Julia Naomi Harvin April 08, 1857 in Sumter, South Carolina.  She was born December 28, 1831 in Clarendon, SC, and died December 27, 1905.


Notes for James Joseph Corbett:

1850 Sumter SC Census:  (one away from his father)

James Joseph Corbett 23 m Planter $600.00  SC

Saphrona (Dorrity)       23 f                               SC

Salina                            1 f                                SC



Child of James Corbett and Julia Harvin is:

               i.   Manning Brown4 Corbett, b. January 16, 1861.



9.  Daniel E.3 Corbitt (Jesse Wesley2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born March 04, 1822 in SC, and died June 21, 1869 in Lawrenceville, Henry County, AL.  He married (1) Martha E. Jinins March 26, 1848 in Henry County, AL.  She was born 1832 in SC, and died Bef. 1856 in Lawrenceville, Henry County, AL.  He married (2) Sarah Jane Zorn November 26, 1856 in Barbour County, AL.  She was born August 07, 1834 in Henry County, AL, and died December 01, 1912 in Prob. Barbour County, AL.


Notes for Daniel E. Corbitt:

According to "The History of Henery County Alabama" Daniel may have been married to a Mary A. LNU, born 1850 in Henry Co., AL.   I may have incorrect information on the second wife which I have recorded as Sara Jane Zorn.  Further investigation is required, although the 1860 census for Lawrenceville may prove this point.  That census lists D. Corbitt, age 38 with his wife, Sarah J age 25, along with the following children: Margaret-10, Mandy F-9, Martha-6, Sarah-2, Mary-1.  It lists Daniel as a farmer with an estimated real estate value of $3,800 and personal property value of $15,470.


A review of the 1855 State Census documents the following:

white males under 21=0; white males over 21=1; white females under 21=4; white females over 21=0; total white=5; slaves=9; free color=0; total inhabitants=14.


Daniel and Martha are buried in the Lawrenceville Baptist Church cemetery in Lawrenceville, AL.


Notes for Sarah Jane Zorn:

She is buried at the Abbeville City Cemetery, Abbeville, Henry County, AL



Children of Daniel Corbitt and Martha Jinins are:

               i.   Mary Amanda4 Corbitt, b. Abt. 1850.

              ii.   Margaret Corbitt, b. Abt. 1849.

              iii.   Martha Corbitt, b. Abt. 1854.



Children of Daniel Corbitt and Sarah Zorn are:

             iv.   Sarah4 Corbitt, b. Abt. 1858.

              v.   Mary Corbitt, b. Abt. 1859.



10.  Christian A.3 Corbitt (Jesse Wesley2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born January 28, 1827 in SC, and died December 08, 1902 in Skipperville, Dale County, AL.  She married Brittain Searcy March 09, 1845 in Henry County, AL, son of John Searcy and Mary.  He was born 1818 in NC, and died July 13, 1881 in Asbury, Dale County, AL.


Notes for Christian A. Corbitt:

I have also seen a marriage date of  9 Mar 1844 in Hanry County, AL.


Children of Christian Corbitt and Brittain Searcy are:

               i.   Joseph Calaway4 Searcy, b. February 08, 1846; d. August 11, 1925; m. Mitilda A. Lee, Abt. 1866, Pond Bethel; b. November 24, 1847; d. December 18, 1926.


Notes for Joseph Calaway Searcy:

The following information from Homer Jones, a respected Alabama Civil War researcher:

Joseph B.C. Searcy, Pvt, Co G; 29th Alabama Infantry Regiment; son of Britt and Christian Corbitt Searcy; Feb 8, 1846 - Aug 11, 1925; m. Matilda Anne Lee; Pond Bethel.




              ii.   Daniel James Searcy, b. February 03, 1848.

              iii.   John C Searcy, b. August 03, 1850.

             iv.   Jessie B Searcy, b. October 28, 1852.

              v.   William Henry Searcy, b. August 06, 1858; d. August 26, 1927, Dale County, AL; m. Laura Mae Peale.


Notes for William Henry Searcy:

Both William and Laura are buried in Skipperville Cemetery, Dale County, AL.



11.  William Samuel3 Corbitt (Jesse Wesley2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born December 29, 1829 in SC, and died July 07, 1904 in Hartford, Geneva County, AL.  He married Fairnettie West 1861 in Probably Barbour County, Al, daughter of Alfred West and Elizabeth McNamara.  She was born December 1841 in Al, and died January 31, 1907 in Hartford, Geneva County, AL.  [Click on link at the bottom of the page for WEST Family]



Notes for William Samuel Corbitt:

William enlisted in the 6th Alabama Infantry, Confederate States of America Army on September 1, 1862.  His Company was originally organized as Company A.  After reorganization, it became Company B.  Locally, the unit was known as the Henry Grays since most of the members of the company were from Henry County.


The 6th Alabama was made part of General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia and fought or was present in the field for almost every major battle from 1861 to the close of the war in 1865.  The battles include the Peninsula Campaign, Sharpsburg (they were in the center at "Bloody Lane"), Chancellorsville and at Petersburg to name a few. 


Prisoner of War records show that he was captured April 3, 1865 at Richmond, Virginia, and was released at Point Lookout, Maryland, June 10,1865 upon taking the Oath of Allegiance to the United States.  Note:  William was captured just 6 days before the Army of Northern Virginia surrendered.  He along with his unit was in retreat from Petersburg at the time.  Point Lookout Maryland was a Federal POW Camp with conditions not much better that the infamous Confederate POW Camp at Andersonville.



1860 census - Henry County, Lawrenceville, AL:  This census documents that William was living adjacent to his mother and brother, Daniel.  He was 29 years old and a farmer. His real estate value is listed as $2,500 with a personal estate value of $1,515.  In the same household the following individuals are listed as farm laborers: Ephraim Hutto, James Griffin and Daniel Griffin.


1870 Census - 11th Precient - Abbieville Post Office, Henry County, AL

(Keys - Name/Age/Sex/Color/Occupation/Land Value/Personal Est.Value/Birthplace/Male Citizen >21)

Corbitt,     William S.   39  M  W  Farmer  4500  150  South Carolina                  yes

        Farmity       28  F   W  Keeping House        Alabama

        John W.T.     8  M  W                                  Alabama

        Jesee A.       4  M  W                                   Alabama    (Note-This needs research]

        Mary E.         1  F  W                                   Alabama

Chancey, A?????       22  M  W  Farm Laborer           Alabama                          yes

Note- I know of no Jesee or similar spelling that matches this individual


In the 1880 US census, he was enumerated in Lawrenceville, Henry County, Alabama as follows:

(Keys - Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace)

Wm. S. CORBITT      Self   M   Male       W   50   SC   Farmer                  SC   NC 

Fairnetty CORBITT   Wife  M   Female   W   38   AL   Keeping House     NC   NC 

John W. CORBITT    Son   S    Male       W   18   AL   Farm Laborer        SC   AL 

Lizzie CORBITT       Dau   S    Female   W   11   AL   At Home                SC   AL 

Willie CORBITT       Dau   S    Female   W     9   AL   Attending School   SC   AL 

Alice CORBITT         Dau   S    Female   W    7    AL   Attending School   SC   AL 

Larkin CORBITT       Son   S    Male       W    5    AL                                 SC   AL 

Emma CORBITT       Dau   S   Female   W    2    AL                                 SC   AL

The birth dates of the children do not match those on the 1880 census.  My dates were taken from family members and may not be correct.


A summary of the 1900 US Census for the St Paul Prec. (Hartford) Geneva County Al is as follows:

Other than William, the household included: Fairnette, Willie, Alice, Larkin, Emma, Annie, Sallie, Andrew and Lexie.  William was listed as a Farmer. 


Although his father was a Methodist minister and the brother of his wife was a prominent Methodist minister, the book "Henry's Heritage" documents that William was a Sunday School Teacher at the Lawrenceville Baptist Church in the 1880's.  The Sunday School records further document that the following children were also enrolled: Larkin, Emma, Sallie, Annie, Alice, Willie and Lizzie (probably Elizabeth).


His granddaughter recorded in her application for membership in the UDC that he was born in Barbour County AL, but I do not believe that is true.


Remembrances of Fannie Corbitt Adams as documented by her daughter:

"... his Papa (William Samuel Corbitt) was in the Civil War.  He was so small--he wore a size four shoe--that he was a nurse during the war.  (From research I've done [this is recorders notes], I believe shoe sizes were smaller then.  Many officers wore size 3 1/2 or 4 shoes.  But that is why Mama always thought he was a nurse.) 

They lived in Lawrenceville.  Grandpa (William Samuel Corbitt) had a store.  He was frail and sickly.  Papa (JWT Corbitt) had to quit school as a boy and help in the store.

The Corbitt family home (William Samuel and Fairnetti--called "Fannie") burned to the ground."

Fannie Corbitt Adams also notes that the Corbitt family owned slaves but I am unsure if she was referring to William or his father, Jesse. 


William is buried in Hartford City Cemetary off Commerce Street in Hartford, Geneva County, AL.


Notes for Fairnettie West:

The spelling of her name may be Fairnetty, Farinetti, Fairnette or Farmity.  The spelling I have used is is the one found on her grave marker.  Her brother, Anson West, was a well know and respected Methodist minister.  She is buried in Harford City Cemetery in Hartford, AL


Children of William Corbitt and Fairnettie West are:

15.           i.   John Wesley Talley4 Corbitt, b. February 14, 1862, Lawrenceville, Henry County, AL; d. January 29, 1941, Eufaula, Barbour County, AL.

              ii.   Mary Elizabeth Corbitt, b. April 14, 1869, Pond Bethel, Henry County, AL; m. James H Darnell, January 29, 1896, Henry County, AL; b. January 1874, Henry County, AL.

              iii.   Willie Jesse Corbitt, b. February 09, 1871, Pond Bethal, Henry County, AL; d. April 26, 1948, AL.


Notes for Willie Jesse Corbitt:

In the 1930 census for abbeville, Henry County, AL she is listed with Elbert D. Holley and his wife Alice (her sister) as his sister-in-law.  She is listed as single.  She is also listed in Abbeville in the 1920 census living with the Holley Family and is single.


16.         iv.   Larkin James Corbitt, b. March 07, 1875, Pond Bethal, Henry County, AL; d. December 18, 1948, Geneva County, AL.

              v.   Alice Josephine Corbitt, b. May 16, 1875, Pond Bethal, Henry County, AL; d. November 1955; m. Elbert D. Holley, April 20, 1916, Hartford, Geneva County, AL; b. April 1855, Abbeville, Henry County, AL; d. June 13, 1941, Henry County, AL.


Notes for Elbert D. Holley:

In the 1930 cencus for Abbeville, Henry County, AL he is listed with his wife Alice C. and his occupation is a Grist Mill operator.  He is also listed in Abbeville, AL in the 1920 census.


17.         vi.   Annie Inez Corbitt, b. January 19, 1879, Lawrenceville, Henry County, AL; d. April 18, 1944, Hartford, Geneva County, AL.

18.        vii.   Emma Corbitt, b. May 04, 1879, Pond Bethal, Henry County, AL; d. August 22, 1947.

            viii.   Sallie Corbitt, b. March 07, 1881, Pond Bethal, Henry County, AL; d. Abt. 1954, AL; m. Charles R Hardwick, Abt. 1901, Geneva County, AL; b. February 18, 1880, Henry County, AL; d. October 23, 1957.


Notes for Charles R Hardwick:

The initial R may be for Rosco. 


             ix.   Andrew Corbitt, b. June 1885, Al.

              x.   Lexie Corbitt, b. November 1888, Al.



12.  Josephine Rebecca3 Corbitt (Jesse Wesley2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born January 29, 1838.  She married James David Zorn 1860 in AL, son of Nicholas Zorn and Sarah Condry.  He was born November 22, 1836 in Barbour County, AL, and died December 15, 1864 in Probably Nashville, TN.


Notes for Josephine Rebecca Corbitt:

Perhaps marriage to Samuel M. Duffle b: ABT 1846 in AL

Married: 29 Nov 1867 in Barbour Co,AL


 Mary J. Duffle b: ABT 1871 in Barbour Co,AL

 Eliza T. Duffle b: ABT 1873 in Barbour Co,AL

 Mariah C. Ludie Duffle b: ABT 1875 in Barbour Co,AL

 James A. Duffle b: ABT 1878 in Barbour Co,AL

This need research.



Notes for James David Zorn:

This taken from the writings of the late Wm A. Zorn of Jesup, Ga.  "James David Zorn, son of Nicholas Zorn and Sarah Condry Zorn, was born in Barbour County Nov 22, 1836. He married Josephine R. Corbitt, daughter of Jesse W. and Mary E. McKinnon Corbitt and they had at least two children, Mary C. Zorn and Larkin J. Zorn. He was killed during the war, probably at Nashville, Tenn. Dec 15, 1864"

He was evidently a member of the 29th Alabama Infantry Regiment, Company K.




Children of Josephine Corbitt and James Zorn are:

               i.   Mary C4 Zorn, b. 1860.

              ii.   Larkin J Zorn, b. September 25, 1862.



13.  Margaret Elizabeth3 Corbitt (Jesse Wesley2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born February 12, 1844 in Henry County, AL, and died January 26, 1926 in Henry County, AL.  She married John Joseph Clark December 10, 1865, son of William Clarke and Elizabeth.  He was born 1843, and died 1919.


Notes for Margaret Elizabeth Corbitt:

A listing of burials at the Abbeville City Cemetery in Abbeville, AL. documents that she was born February 12, 1843 and died June 26, 1926.  She is buried in that cemetery.


Notes for John Joseph Clark:


1880 Census, Richards, Barbour County, Alabama

 Joseph J. CLARK   Self   M   Male   W   35   GA   Farmer   NC   GA 

 Margarit CLARK   Wife   M   Female   W   34   SC   Keeping House   SC   SC 

 Leona CLARK   Dau   S   Female   W   13   AL      GA   SC 

 Mary CLARK   Dau   S   Female   W   11   AL      GA   SC 

 Jessie A. CLARK   Son   S   Male   W   8   AL      GA   SC 

 William C. CLARK   Son   S   Male   W   7   AL      GA   SC 

 Mattie CLARK   Dau   S   Female   W   4   AL      GA   SC 

 Loansome CALHOUN   Other   S   Male   W   17   AL   Laborer   GA   AL 



Children of Margaret Corbitt and John Clark are:

               i.   Leona Elizabeth4 Clark, b. September 19, 1866, White Pond, Barbour County, AL; d. December 09, 1962, Brundidge, Pike County, AL; m. Dr James Walker Reynolds, September 02, 1888, Dale County, AL; b. August 07, 1859, Clio, Barbour, AL; d. September 21, 1925.


Notes for Leona Elizabeth Clark:

(Copied excerpts from a letter written by Lonie Reynolds - Leona Elizabeth Clark Reynolds - (daughter of Margaret Elizabeth Corbitt) Letter received by Jennie (Corbitt), February 14, 1941.  All spelling and grammar is the same as the original. 


My Grandmother and your Great Grandmother, Mary McKinnon Corbitt, was born in Camden, S.C., in 1801. Died in my Father and Mother's home in Clopton, Alabama, 1881.


Grandfather (your Great Grandfather, Rev. Jesse W. Corbitt, was born in Winston-Salem, N.C., in 1801, died in Lawrenceville, Alabama, 1856, from relapse of measles.


Attended University of North Carolina, one of the oldest state universities in the South. It had received it's charter in year 1789.


Rev. Jesse W. Corbitt and his wife, Mary McKinnon, were married January 20th in the year of our Lord, 1820, by the Reverend James Jinkins.


The Rev. Jesse W. and wife, Mary McKinnon Corbitt, with his compass and slaves blazed part of the way to Alabama when they moved from Winston-Salem, N.C., in 1822 to a large body or tract of land near the town of Lawrenceville, Alabama, which they had bought.


Rev. Jesse Corbitt's father's home was WinstonSalem, N.C., and his wife, Mary McKinnon's parents sailed from Glasgow, Scotland, in 1800, landing at Charleston, S.C., and made their home in Camden, S.C., where Mary McKinnon was born January 12, 1801.


Our Grandmother has McKinnon relatives in Union Springs and Dr. John and Kinneth McKinnon lived in Selma years ago but I know nothing of their families now - a first cousin of Mother's who was Lizzie McKinnon, and married a Mr. McKay and they lived in Union Springs and have several children and grand children living there now. One daughter, Mrs. Blue and family live there.


Grandfather and Grandmother Corbitt are buried in Lawrenceville Cemetery. I wish you would see the markers on their graves, also see Uncle John's.  It seems to be made of copper or iron in an open lacey pattern that extended the length of the coffin. I never saw one like it before.



              ii.   William Ervin Clark, b. March 18, 1873, White Pond, Barbour County, AL; d. May 15, 1922.


Notes for William Ervin Clark:

Information on William was obtained from a listing of burials at the Abbeville City Cemetery in Abbeville, AL. The listing includes the fact that he was raised in Clopton, Dale County, AL.  He is buried in the Abbeville City Cemetery.


              iii.   Mattie Levenia Clark, b. August 12, 1877; d. 1940, Henry County, AL; m. John Stanton Camp; b. March 30, 1873, Clopton, Dale County, AL; d. 1943, Henry County, AL.


Notes for John Stanton Camp:

Buried in the Methodist Cemetary, Headland AL.

Information on this individual and his wife from S H Nobles who appears to have done extensive research but has not been reverified.



14.  Elias James3 Corbitt (Lovett Samuel2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born Abt. 1833 in SC, and died Abt. 1858 in Henry or Barbour County, AL.  He married Annie Jane Creel May 20, 1857 in Barbour County, AL, daughter of William Creel and Sarah. 


Notes for Annie Jane Creel:

Her name may have been Annie.

Elias Corbitt was her first marriage.  He evidently died shortly after they were married.  She them married Eli Glover who died as a POW in Elmira Prison during the American Civil War.  Her third and last husband was John Wesley Mathison.



Child of Elias Corbitt and Annie Creel is:

19.           i.   Sarrah Louise4 Corbitt, b. January 30, 1857, Henry County, AL; d. May 09, 1939, Defuniak Springs, Walton County, FL.



Generation No. 4


15.  John Wesley Talley4 Corbitt (William Samuel3, Jesse Wesley2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born February 14, 1862 in Lawrenceville, Henry County, AL, and died January 29, 1941 in Eufaula, Barbour County, AL.  He married Cassiline Hill November 30, 1884 in Henry County, AL, daughter of James Hill and Elizabeth Price.  She was born December 04, 1864 in Lawrenceville, Henry County, Al, and died May 12, 1949 in Prattville, Autauga County, AL.


Notes for John Wesley Talley Corbitt:

There has been references that he was born in Pond Bethel, Henry County, AL.  I have used Lawrenceville as the birthplace because that is what his daughter, Mary E. Corbitt, recorded on her application for membership in the UDC.  I also have information that places his date of death as February 14, 1861, but again, I have deferred to his daughter.  He is buried at Fairview Cemetery in Eufaula, AL. 

It is unknown why he moved from Lawrenceville, Henry County, AL to Eufaula, Barbour County, AL.  In Eufaula, he owned a General Store that was located in the front of his house on Dale Road.  In the 1930's, the house burned to the ground while being treated for termites.  Evidently the treatment for termites at that time involved the use of a torch and the person doing the treatment lost control.  Sparks from the house also caught the General Store on fire.  It also was a total loss.  The house was rebuilt and as of 1994, it was still standing although a member of the family no longer owns it.  The store was never rebuilt.



Notes for Cassiline Hill:

I have also seen the spelling of her name as Cassiline.  According to a family source, she lived her last few years with children in Montgomery, AL (Marvin and Jennie) until they could no longer see to her day to day needs.  She died in a nursing home in Prattville, AL which is a small town near Montgomery but was buried at Fairview Cemetery in Eufaula, AL.


Children of John Corbitt and Cassiline Hill are:

               i.   Alma Cassaline5 Corbitt, b. September 03, 1885; d. April 15, 1972, Langdale, Chambers County, AL.


Notes for Alma Cassaline Corbitt:

She was a registered nurse and worked in a hospital in Charleston, WV for most of her career.  When she retired from WV, she returned to AL and along with her sister, Mary, they bought a house in Langdale (now called Valley, AL) overlooking the Chattahoochee River.  We held family reunions at this house for many years as well as at a cabin built down closer to the river owned by Fannie (Corbitt) and Cleveland Adams.

She never married.


20.          ii.   Wesley Marvin Corbitt, b. November 25, 1886, Barbour County, AL; d. April 24, 1973, Montgomery, Montgomery County,  Al.

21.         iii.   Allen Talley Corbitt, b. January 08, 1888; d. April 24, 1953.

             iv.   Johnny Lawrence Corbitt, b. October 03, 1889; d. February 02, 1969, Tampa, Hillsborough County, FL.


Notes for Johnny Lawrence Corbitt:

A Memorial Service was held for him at Jennings Funeral Home in Tampa and his remains were creamated.


              v.   Ruth Lyle Corbitt, b. May 29, 1891, Probably Eufaula, Barbour County, AL; d. August 22, 1892, Probably Eufaula, Barbour County, AL.


Notes for Ruth Lyle Corbitt:

Died at 15 months of colitis (an intestinal tract disorder which was deadly at that time) according to family lore.  She is buried at Lawrenceville Baptist Church in Lawrenceville, Henry County, AL.  The marker on her grave has the following verse: "Little Ruth budded on earth to bloom in heaven".

A family member related that her father dearly loved her and she was devoted to him.  The story goes that she would often crawl from the house to his store which was located on the same property just so she could see and be with him.


             vi.   Emory Samuel Corbitt, b. December 24, 1892; d. December 21, 1898.


Notes for Emory Samuel Corbitt:

According to a family member, Emory died from rabies.  Apparently, he was sitting on the back porch when he was bitten by a rabid dog.  There was no cure for rabies at the time.  We are told that his death was very painful and agonizing for the entire family.


            vii.   Mary Elizabeth Corbitt, b. April 24, 1894, Eufaula, Barbour County, AL; d. March 11, 1977, Langdale, Chambers County, AL.


Notes for Mary Elizabeth Corbitt:

She was a Registered Nurse and worked as the Assistant Administrator at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL.  Upon retirement, she moved back to Eufaula, AL to care for her mother.  Later she bought a house in Langdale, AL with her sister Alma and lived there along with another sister, Theresa, until she died.  Mary never married.

She is buried Fairview Cemetery in Eufaula, AL.



22.       viii.   Jennie Clyde Corbitt, b. July 16, 1895, Eufaula, Barbour County, Al; d. August 14, 1965, Montgomery, Montgomery Co., Al.

             ix.   Theresa Blanche Corbitt, b. December 12, 1897; d. November 03, 1975, Langdale, Chambers County, AL.


Notes for Theresa Blanche Corbitt:

She was a Registered Nurse and worked with her sister, Alma, in a hospital in Charleston, WV.  Rather than work with patients, she worked in hospital supply.  Upon retirement, she moved to Langdale, AL. and lived with two of her sisters.  She is buried in Fairview Cemetery in Eufaula, AL.  She was never married.


23.          x.   Louise Corbitt, b. April 11, 1899; d. September 18, 1970, Eufaula, Barbour County, AL.

24.         xi.   Ruby Corbitt, b. July 12, 1901, Eufaula, Barbour County, AL; d. September 25, 1978, Eufaula, Barbour County, AL.

25.        xii.   Fannie Corbitt, b. July 31, 1904, Eufaula, Barbour County, AL; d. September 19, 2001, Auburn, Lee County, AL.



16.  Larkin James4 Corbitt (William Samuel3, Jesse Wesley2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born March 07, 1875 in Pond Bethal, Henry County, AL, and died December 18, 1948 in Geneva County, AL.  He married Louise E. Traylor February 12, 1903 in Geneva County, AL, daughter of George Traylor and Ida Hodnett.  She was born 1886 in Geneva County, AL.


Notes for Larkin James Corbitt:

From the files of the Hartford Methodist Episcopal Church, now the First United Methodist Church of Hartford (AL) - "The first infant baptism recorded was Emory Hugh Corbitt, the son of Mr. & Mrs. Larkin Corbitt, baptized by Rev. Henry S Ellisor on March 3, 1905."

The 1930 census for the City of Hartford, Geneva County, AL reveals that he was a hardware store salesman.



Children of Larkin Corbitt and Louise Traylor are:

               i.   Emory5 Corbitt, b. February 15, 1904, Hartford, Geneva County, AL; d. September 1962, AL.

              ii.   Jamie Corbitt.

              iii.   Charles A Corbitt, b. Abt. 1915.



17.  Annie Inez4 Corbitt (William Samuel3, Jesse Wesley2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born January 19, 1879 in Lawrenceville, Henry County, AL, and died April 18, 1944 in Hartford, Geneva County, AL.  She married Charles Lafayette Metcalf December 08, 1901 in Geneva, Geneva County, AL, son of Marion Metcalf and Martha Brackin.  He was born December 01, 1880 in Daleville, Dale County, AL, and died January 28, 1940 in Hartford, Geneva County, AL.


Notes for Annie Inez Corbitt:

All information on the Metcalf family was obtained from a document written by Clayton G. Metcalf and published in 1979 with additional notes by K. Sanders.






Children of Annie Corbitt and Charles Metcalf are:

26.           i.   Virlie Floy5 Metcalf, b. October 15, 1902, Hartford, Geneva County, AL.

              ii.   Charles Roy Metcalf, b. Abt. 1905, Hartford, Geneva County, AL; m. Irene Grissett.


Notes for Charles Roy Metcalf:

They had no children.


              iii.   William Herbert Metcalf, b. September 26, 1906, Hartford, Geneva County, AL; d. March 05, 1948, Hartford, Geneva County, AL.


Notes for William Herbert Metcalf:

He never married.


27.         iv.   Emma Nell Metcalf, b. October 10, 1908, Hartford, Geneva County, AL; d. December 01, 1962, Hartford, Geneva County, AL.

              v.   Annie Gladys Metcalf, b. October 19, 1911, Hartford, Geneva County, AL; d. 1978; m. Irvin Bradley, 1933.


Notes for Annie Gladys Metcalf:

She had no children.


Notes for Irvin Bradley:

They had no children.


28.         vi.   Lillie Fairnette Metcalf, b. April 14, 1913, Hartford, Geneva County, AL; d. March 03, 1972.

29.        vii.   Martha Christine Metcalf, b. September 09, 1917, Hartford, Geneva County, AL; d. November 15, 1973, Montgomery, Montgomery County, AL.



18.  Emma4 Corbitt (William Samuel3, Jesse Wesley2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born May 04, 1879 in Pond Bethal, Henry County, AL, and died August 22, 1947.  She married William Robert Hardwick December 28, 1900 in Hartford, Geneva County, AL, son of Charles Hardwick and Callie Richards.  He was born 1877 in Geneva County, AL.


Child of Emma Corbitt and William Hardwick is:

               i.   William Guy5 Hardwick, b. May 30, 1910, Hartford, Geneva County, AL; m. Dorothy Creel, September 18, 1936, Dothan, Houston County, AL.


Notes for William Guy Hardwick:

He was a lawyer in Dothan, AL.  In addition, he served as a legislator in both the State House and Senate.  He was elected Lieutenant Governor in the 1954 Alabama General Election and served one term.



19.  Sarrah Louise4 Corbitt (Elias James3, Lovett Samuel2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born January 30, 1857 in Henry County, AL, and died May 09, 1939 in Defuniak Springs, Walton County, FL.  She married John Sowell August 09, 1874 in Henry County, AL. 


Notes for Sarrah Louise Corbitt:

Buried in Magnolia Cemetery, DeFuniak Springs, Walton County, FL next to William.


Child of Sarrah Corbitt and John Sowell is:

30.           i.   William Marvin5 Sowell, b. August 23, 1877, Henry County, AL; d. June 21, 1943, Defuniak Springs, Walton County, FL.



Generation No. 5


20.  Wesley Marvin5 Corbitt (John Wesley Talley4, William Samuel3, Jesse Wesley2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born November 25, 1886 in Barbour County, AL, and died April 24, 1973 in Montgomery, Montgomery County,  Al.  He married Margaret Eliza Lee October 30, 1913 in Montgomery, Montgomery County,  Al, daughter of John Lee and Martha Holloway.  She was born December 14, 1889 in Monroe County, Al, and died September 07, 1975 in Montgomery, Montgomery County, Al.


Notes for Wesley Marvin Corbitt:

He a master mechanic at a nearby cotton mill in the West End section of Montgomery when his children were born.  Evidently, this was a line of work he first learned in Eufaula, AL.  He later worked for the Atlantic Coastline Railroad as a mechanic on steam locomotives.  Just before the changeover by the RR's from steam to diesel-powered locomotives was complete, he retired. 

No one is sure if his name was Marvin Wesley or Wesley Marvin.  I have used Wesley Marvin because that is what his daughter has advised me as being correct although he was called Marvin.  He is buried beside his wife at Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery.



Notes for Margaret Eliza Lee:

She was Maggie to her friends and known as Nannie to her grandchildren.  She evidently started working in cotton mills in or near Selma or Orrville, AL and later moved to Anniston, AL to do the same work.  Finally, she moved to Montgomery and again worked in the "mills".  That is where she met her husband.



Children of Wesley Corbitt and Margaret Lee are:

Three daughters



21.  Allen Talley5 Corbitt (John Wesley Talley4, William Samuel3, Jesse Wesley2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born January 08, 1888, and died April 24, 1953.  He married Lucille Brown. 


Children of Allen Corbitt and Lucille Brown are:

One daughter and one son



22.  Jennie Clyde5 Corbitt (John Wesley Talley4, William Samuel3, Jesse Wesley2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born July 16, 1895 in Eufaula, Barbour County, Al, and died August 14, 1965 in Montgomery, Montgomery Co., Al.  She married Griffin Theobald Key, Jr. 


Notes for Jennie Clyde Corbitt:

At some point, Jennie must have changed her name to Virginia.  Her obituary from the Montgomery Advertiser as well as her death certificate have her name as Virginia C. Key.  She is buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Montgomery, AL.


Child of Jennie Corbitt and Griffin Key is:

One son



23.  Louise5 Corbitt (John Wesley Talley4, William Samuel3, Jesse Wesley2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born April 11, 1899, and died September 18, 1970 in Eufaula, Barbour County, AL.  She married Furman James Baker, son of John Baker and Ella James.  He was born September 27, 1894 in Belcher, Barbour County, AL, and died May 1980 in Eufaula, Barbour County, AL.


Notes for Louise Corbitt:

Louise was trained as a nurse.  Evidently, this training occurred around the time that she became engaged to Ferman and he was called to serve in WWI.  The war ended shortly after his enlistment, he returned and they were married.  Louise, therefore, never practiced her profession and chose to be a housewife and mother instead.

She is buried in Fairview Cemetery in Eufaula, AL.


Notes for Furman James Baker:

Furman and Louise owned a house on Cherry St. in Eufaula.  They also owned a farm not far outside of town.  A great deal of the farm land was flooded with the construction Lake Eufaula.  He was the owner of the Ford dealership in that town.


Children of Louise Corbitt and Furman Baker are:

Two daughters and two sons



24.  Ruby5 Corbitt (John Wesley Talley4, William Samuel3, Jesse Wesley2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born July 12, 1901 in Eufaula, Barbour County, AL, and died September 25, 1978 in Eufaula, Barbour County, AL.  She married Roy Linwood Beverly.  He was born September 23.


Notes for Ruby Corbitt:

She trained in Montgomery as a secretary.  She returned and worked in that capacity for the remainder of her working career.  Today, the correct title would be Executive Assistant and that apply describes her duties and responsibilities according to family members.  She is buried in Fairview Cemetery in Eufaula, AL.


Children of Ruby Corbitt and Roy Beverly are:

Two daughters



25.  Fannie5 Corbitt (John Wesley Talley4, William Samuel3, Jesse Wesley2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born July 31, 1904 in Eufaula, Barbour County, AL, and died September 19, 2001 in Auburn, Lee County, AL.  She married Cleveland Lloyd Adams February 04, 1933 in Methodist Church, Eufaula, Barbour County, AL, son of Joseph Adams and Mollie Hutto.  He was born May 08, 1907 in Eufaula, Barbour County, AL, and died November 16, 1993 in Auburn, Lee County, AL.


Notes for Fannie Corbitt:

She received a degree in Home Economics from Huntingdon College--then called Women's College.  Her minor was in Chemistry and she taught chemistry as a lab instructor for a year after she graduated.  She was very knowledgeable in nutrition, so that was probably her specialty in school.

She is burried in Fairview Cemetery, Eufaula, Barbour County, AL.


Things I Remember or Things Others Told Me

by Fannie Corbitt Adams:


I am dedicating this to our dearly loved son who encouraged me to attempt it and even suggested the name


There are few written records left as the old homes of both my fraternal and maternal grandparents and also our old home were burned. My oldest sister Alma left a few remembered facts but unless someone of the future descendants are deeply interested in genealogy what I have will give you the feeling that you know something of your 'roots'.



I will begin the older "records" with my mother's family, as, for some reason, my facts about this are very scant. My grandfather, mama's father, was "James Hill" and the only relatives known to me are one brother "Ed" who was a "herb" doctor and very nearly a hermit -- but was called many times to bring his healing herbs to families needing his healing wisdom and wares in time of sickness. Grandpa had one sister or she was perhaps just a half sister. Grandpa was a very handsome man and I remember seeing him just once. Since I was the youngest of a very large family, my other grandparents died before I can remember them. Grandpa Hill was a blacksmith in the village of Lawrenceville Alabama and I fell he had had a good education for that period which was during the Reconstruction days.


In the village of Lawrenceville, the school, of course, was a one-room school house but the teacher -- Mr. Espy -- was an unusual(?) and dedicated teacher. He was a scholar, able to teach higher math, Greek, Latin, Literature, and of course, the "Blue-back Speller". Besides the school children, he taught and tutored the young men from surrounding places such as Eufaula. He prepared them for professional work. Mama's three brothers became professional men. Uncle Orrin was a Railroad Insurance Adjuster, Uncle Amon, a doctor, and Uncle Ernest, a lawyer. Mama and her sisters had only 4th grade education, but my mother was the best "speller" I ever knew -- she was very musical too.



For some reason, I have very little memory of the history of her mother's family. Her mother was Mary Elizabeth Price and was born and reared in Louisville Alabama. I "heard" the family was "well to-do" that Grandma was a noted horsewoman and extremely intelligent. She was an accomplished seamstress and helped support the family by "taking in sewing".



Evidently, her parents (of whom I know nothing) were opposed to her marriage to Grandpa, and (this part is fact) they eloped from Lawrenceville, went through Eufaula, and met the "preacher" in the covered bridge which joined Eufaula to Georgetown, GA, on the Georgia side, and were married.



I have no facts to back my theory but I believe her family disinherited her. I wish I could have known her as I loved my aunts and Uncle Earnest, the only brother I ever knew. He had a glorious singing voice and whenever he visited Mama, he was asked by the church to sing a solo for the Sunday Service.


Her sisters        Her brothers

Lena                                Orrin

Vida                         Amon

Dora (Eudora)        Earnest

Bertie (the youngest)               




My mother's family besides her father and mother were:

Sister (that is what I call your Aunt Alma) often wished we could have known Mama when she was younger and life had not taken its toll of her spirit and wit. But having twelve children and losing two -- a baby girl, Ruth, with Colitis and a beautiful redheaded son (the only redhead in our family) with rabies. You can understand that spirit was dimmed though she tried to give of herself as much as she was able.



As far as the history of my aunts I have very little established facts. Aunt Lena died at a fairly early age of a brain tumor. I don't know her married name. Aunt Vida married a minister -- Mr. Latham. Auntie (Lavoma [actually Lavonia], nicknamed 'Bony') married a doctor whose name I can't remember. Aunt Dora married a Lisenby and lived in Dothan. She visited us several times. She was tall, witty, with a very deep (almost masculine) voice.



Aunt Bertie (the "baby" sister that Mama deeply loved) married a Mr. Rivers and lived in Fort Deposit. She was very musical. She could play anything "by ear" that she ever heard. I never saw Aunt Jenine but she was said to be the "family beauty".



Whenever our grandchildren [are] together and I realize how much they care for one another and realize also what this will mean in the years to come, I am truly saddened that out of the many cousins 1 have had, who among is still living and where the ones left are now, I do not know.


Aunt Ruby kept closer ties with cousins than any of us, but as far as I know, left no records or addresses.



If this family produces a genealogist here are some names that might help: Hill, West, Price, Rivers, Hardwick, Lisenby, Latham. The towns where the families have lived are Hartford, Dothan, Abbeville, Lawrenceville, Eufaula, Louisville.



It has been at least a year since this was started. It is almost two years since our~ son died, and I am so glad that a book entitled The Greatest Salesman in the World was lent to me by Tommy and Jane. It gave me the courage to continue a task that I enjoy working on. One precept that spurred me to further effort was "Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough."



The history of my mother's family is as complete as I can make it I truly believe -- now for my father's! All of the children have copies of Corbitt family's coming to America. It is brief, but we feel that it is factual and contains all the established information. We were told that our ancestors were Scotch-Irish, which means I think of both Scotch and Irish descent. In the above mentioned document, we were told that "Margret [Margaret?]McKinnon," our great, great, great? grandmother's parents were from Glasgow, Scotland, and I cannot help but believe that Papa (John Corbitt) was truly an Irishman. He was a wonderfully honest and upright and compassionate man. He loved politics [and] felt that anyone who didn't read his newspaper and vote every voting day was not fit to be a citizen. He loved a good joke and his laugh was as big as his heart. Aunt Mary was very like him in many ways -- much more than either of his sons.


His sisters        His brothers

Lizzie                       Jesse (died when quite young)

Alice                               Larkin

Annie                       Lex





He was the oldest of his family. His father was William Jesse and his mother was Fair Nettie [Fairnettie] West before her marriage. She was called "Fannie" and, of course, you know that I was her namesake. The only members of her family that I knew about were Uncle William and Uncle Anson. Uncle William was quite intelligent but quite eccentric. I remember seeing him several times and all I can remember is that he was always "ranting" about something!



Uncle Anson was one of Mr. Espy's (he was the teacher that I mentioned before) "famous" students. [He was a] well known preacher, debater and author of History of Alabama Methodism. Beth gave me a copy of this book last year. It had gone out of print but was such a good source of information about the Methodist Church [that] it was reprinted. I hope this book will be kept in someone's library.



October 9, 1990 -- Another beginning!! At the rate this history is going, you too will be very "mature" when you get to read it.



In Papa's family, there were ten children as in Mama's.

Aunt Willie was never married. Aunt Alice married late in life. Aunt Sally and Aunt Emma married brothers who were Hardwicks and I believe all of these families lived in Hartford most of their life.


All of these Aunts and Uncles had several children. We have lost touch with them and I have definite information on only two of the "boys" -- Charles Corbitt (Uncle Larkin's son) was a minister and was at one time stationed at the First Methodist Church in Eufaula, and Guy Hardwick (Aunt Emma's son) was a lawyer and was Lt. Governor of Alabama at one time. He was very popular and was urged to run for Governor but he preferred a private practice in his profession.



Notes for Cleveland Lloyd Adams:

Obituary as printed in the Lee County Eagle, November 24, 1993

Professor Cleveland L. Adams, 86 of Auburn, died Nov. 16 at his home.  The funeral was Nov. 19 at Auburn United Methodist Church with burial in Fairview Cemetery in Eufaula. Dr. George Mathison officiated.

A native of Eufaula Mr. Adams had lived in Auburn since 1952. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Textile Engineering from what was then Alabama Polytechnic Institute in 1932, attending on a four-year scholarship from the Birmingham News.

He was plant manager of Cowikee Mills in Eufaula from 1933-1941 and research super-visor of the Southern Research Institute in New Orleans. From 1944-1952 he was production supervisor of West-Point Pepperell Manufacturing.

He returned to Auburn as the first recipient of the new Southern Textile Chair in the School of Engineering, serving as head of the school of Textile Engineering from 1952-1975. He served the textile industry for more than 50 years, helping to organize the Alabama Textile Education Foundation, Alabama Textile Operating Executives and the Phi Psi Textile Honorary Fraternity.

He served as a consultant on textile problems in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America and worked with the United States Agency for International Development, the Regional Export Expansion Council, the National Council for Textile Education, and many national and international firms while traveling in 77 countries.  He was a member of the National Defense Executive Resource, the Alabama-Guatemala Partners of the 14 Americas, the American Society for Textile Materials, the National Education Association and the American Society for quality Control. He was a charter member of the Textile Fiber Society.

In 1975 he was honored by a Resolution of the Alabama Legislature (HJR 403) for his outstanding achievements. In 1983, he was named Auburn's Civitan "Citizen of the Year." He was honored during "Cleveland Adams Day" in October 1985. 

Mr. Adams was a member of the Lions' Club and of the Sigma Pi Fraternity, serving many years as president of the fraternity's Alumni Association. He had been a member of the United Methodist Church since 1952, serving as advisor to the Methodist Youth Fellowship and on the church's administrative board.

Mr. Adams was a supporter of the United Way, serving as its president in 1983-84. He was nominated for "Volunteer of the Year" for the state. 

He served on the Auburn City Council in the 1960s and was a member of the city planning commission for almost a decade beginning in 1982.

He received the Auburn Chamber of Commerce "President's Award" in 1984. He was named Auburn Alumni Engineering Council's "Distinguished A.U. Engineer" in 1987. He received the Alabama Textile Education Foundation's "Exemplary Achievement Award" in 1984.

Adams received the Auburn Lions Club "Distinguished Service Award" and the Order of Omega "Outstanding Alumnus Award" in 1992.

Mr. Adams was one of the founders of the Auburn University Federal Credit Union. He was a charter board member of Auburn Federal Savings and Loan and served on its board for nearly 30 years, beginning in 1964.

He was a Boy Scout troop leader and his troop produced the first Eagle Scout in Barbour County.

He played trombone in his college band and also in the API Dance Band that later became the Auburn Knights. He was a member of the alumni groups of both bands.



Children of Fannie Corbitt and Cleveland Adams are:

Four daughters and one son



26.  Virlie Floy5 Metcalf (Annie Inez4 Corbitt, William Samuel3, Jesse Wesley2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born October 15, 1902 in Hartford, Geneva County, AL.  She married Joseph Newitt Johnson. 


Children of Virlie Metcalf and Joseph Johnson are:

Three sons


27.  Emma Nell5 Metcalf (Annie Inez4 Corbitt, William Samuel3, Jesse Wesley2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born October 10, 1908 in Hartford, Geneva County, AL, and died December 01, 1962 in Hartford, Geneva County, AL.  She married Iverson Claire Lindsey.  He died Abt. 1946.


More About Iverson Claire Lindsey:

Burial: Albany, GA


Children of Emma Metcalf and Iverson Lindsey are:

Two daughters and one son



28.  Lillie Fairnette5 Metcalf (Annie Inez4 Corbitt, William Samuel3, Jesse Wesley2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born April 14, 1913 in Hartford, Geneva County, AL, and died March 03, 1972.  She married (1) James Leonard Speake, son of James Speake and Lillian McDaniel.  He was born April 06, 1907 in Decatur, AL, and died November 29, 1982 in Hattiesburg, MS.  She married (2) Lamar Holman. 


Children of Lillie Metcalf and James Speake are:

One daughter and two sons



29.  Martha Christine5 Metcalf (Annie Inez4 Corbitt, William Samuel3, Jesse Wesley2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born September 09, 1917 in Hartford, Geneva County, AL, and died November 15, 1973 in Montgomery, Montgomery County, AL.  She married William Frank Sutton January 03, 1938 in Crestview, Okaloosa County, FL, son of Zachariah Sutton and Georgia Jarvis.  He was born March 13, 1914 in Andalusia, Covington County, AL.


Children of Martha Metcalf and William Sutton are:

Two daughters and one son



30.  William Marvin5 Sowell (Sarrah Louise4 Corbitt, Elias James3, Lovett Samuel2, James1 Corbett, Sr) was born August 23, 1877 in Henry County, AL, and died June 21, 1943 in Defuniak Springs, Walton County, FL.  He married Mattie Viola Stephens December 17, 1904 in Dale County, AL, daughter of Samuel Stephens and Susanna Fountain.  She was born April 04, 1881 in Dale County, AL, and died February 17, 1950 in Defuniak Springs, Walton County, FL.


Notes for William Marvin Sowell:

Buried in Magnolia Cemetery in DeFuniak Springs, Walton County, FL.


Children of William Sowell and Mattie Stephens are:

Four daughters and one son

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