All 4 One
The Double Sawing

All Star TGIF Magic aired May 16, 1997. One of the featured performers was pop stars All 4 One performing a variation on the original Sawing a Woman in Half. The first to do this illusion was Channing Pollock back in the 'sixties, who wanted a distinctive illusion for a big nightclub show. Several other notable performers have featured the "Double Sawing" including Andre Kole.

All 4 One provide a
singing introduction to the
illusion as their
assistants come out.

They each get inside the
box corresponding to the
color of their outfits.
Silver top and skirt
matching the silver box.

Gold top and pants
matching the gold box.

Their feet are secured.

As well as their heads.

All 4 One begin to insert
the sharp blades...

cutting each of the boxes,
and their assistants,
in half.

After the blades are
inserted and doors are
opened revealing their
arms and legs...

the halves are separated
showing that their assistants
have indeed been
each cut in two.

Confusion erupts and
the sections get
mixed up.

The mayhem ceases and
All 4 One attempt to
return their assistants
to normal.

The blades separating
their assistants' halves
and the stocks around
their assistant's feet and
heads are removed.

The boxes are opened,
but something has gone
wrong. Silver top with
gold pants...

and gold top with silver
The halves have been
mixed up!!!

Realizing nothing can be
done now, their assistants
shrug off the error and
they all take a bow.

Note: Thanks to Bill Taylor for the historical information.