Mark Wilson, Greg Wilson
& Nani Darnell
Sawing a Woman in Half

Dick Cavett's Hocus Pocus, It's Magic, an HBO production, aired in 1982 presenting a, "fascinating tribute to grand illusion!".  The show stared Harry Blackstone Jr., Slydini, Tomsoni, Sigfried & Roy, and Mark Wilson, Greg Wilson and Nani Darnell.  Mark, Greg, and Nani performed may illusions that evening including their signature version of sawing a woman in half.

Mark provides a small
introduction to set the
stage for the coming

Nani is wheeled out
onto the stage
perched atop
of a miniature train
on tracks.

Nani hops off of the
train and the train is
wheeled around.

The train, consisting
of an engine and
a caboose is opened.

Nani hops inside
of the train.

The train is wheeled
around to show its back.
The caboose is closed
securing Nani's feet
in place.

Nani reclines in the
train and the engine
car is closed securing
the remainder of her
body inside.

Nani slides her hands
through two openings
in the front of the train.

The train is wheeled
around showing both...

Nani' head and hands...

and feet are secured
comfortably within.

Greg appears carrying
two long metal blades.

Mark takes one of the
blades from Greg...

and begins to insert it
between the two
cars of the train
regardless of Nani's

Mark proceeds to
insert the blade deeper
through the train.
Nani can't bear to

Mark takes the second
blade from Greg and
proceeds to insert
it as well.
Nani objects...

and Mark encounters
some resistance when
trying to insert the blade
fully through the
train (and Nani).

Mark decides to take
matters into his own

He grabs Nani's head
and pulls...

until the blade drops
easily between the
two cars of the train.

The train, and Nani,
are spun around...

showing all sides to the
Once back in place...
Mark and Greg each
take hold of a different
car of the train...
Mark the engine...
Greg, the caboose.
They bull both parts,
splitting the train
as well as Nani
in half.
Mark jumps through
the center of the
two halves proving
nothing is inbetween.
Greg follows his lead.
A smaller set of tracks
are placed at the
base of the table.
The engine, and the
upper half of Nani,
are wheeled onto it.
The two pieces are
completely separated...
and swung around for
all in the audience
to see.
The camera focuses
on Nani showing her
in good spirits given
her present sitauation.
Greg comes around
the front of the
and tickles Nani's
The two halves are
then placed together and...
Nani taps her head
with her feet.
Nani gestures to
Mark and Greg to
put her back
They comply.
The engine is returned
to its original set
of tracks.
Mark and Greg proceed
to push the two halves...
back together again.
Once together,
the train is spun
as Mark removes
the blades diving Nani
and the train.
Mark shows the
blades to the audience,
smacking them
together to prove that
they are solid, before
giving them to Greg.
The train is returned
to its original position
facing the audience.
The cars are opened...
revealing that...
Nani is once again
back in one piece.
She exits the train and
they take a bow.