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The Skidmore Family Line

The Skidmore Family Line----

SKYDMORE, Richard (#1) born about1480 at Mayshill, Westerleigh, England. Death date unknown but was known to be living at Mayshill in 1539.

SKYDMORE, John (#2), son of Richard Skydmore (#l),  born about 1510 at Mayshill, Westerleigh, England. Death date unknown.


SCUDAMORE, William (#3), son of John Skydmore  (#2) born about 1545 at Mayshill, Westerleigh, England. Landowner. Wife's name was believed to have been Mary. Was known to have died by Nov. 30, 1615, at Mayshill.


SKYDMORE, Richard (#4), son of William (#3) and Mary Scudamore, born about1580 at Mayshill, Westerleigh, England. He was married to Agnes (Lawrence) Sept. 4, 1604. She was the daughter of Richard Lawrence, who died in December 1603. Richard Skydmore died before Nov. 25, 1606.


SKIDMORE, Thomas (#5) was born in the spring of 1605 at Mayshill, Westerleigh, Gloucestershire, England, the son of Richard  (#4) and Agnes (Lawrence) Skydmore. He was married first to Ellen (last name unknown) about 1626; he then married Joanna Baldwin about 1658, and then married Sarah Howes about 1672. Thomas Skidmore died before Oct. 31, l684, at Fairfield, Conn. He was the first Skidmore to come to the American Colonies, June 10, 1636, and he later settled in Cambridge, Mass., after two more voyages.


SKIDMORE, John (#6), son of Thomas  (#5) and Ellen Skidmore, was born April 11, 1643, at Cambridge, Mass. He was married to  Susannah Davis about 1662. She was the daughter of Fulk Davis, who was born at Jamaica, Long Island, N. Y. John Skidmore was a town clerk, a blacksmith and a tobacco planter. John Skidmore died before July 7, 1680, at Jamaica, Long Island, N. Y.


SKIDMORE, Joseph  (#7), son of John (#6) and Susannah (Davis) Skidmore, was born about 1674 at Jamaica, Long Island, N. Y. He was married to Rebecca Miller, date unknown. Joseph Skidmore died before May 12, 1708, at Kent County, Del.


SKIDMORE, Joseph (#8), son of Joseph (#7) and Rebecca (Miller) Skidmore, was born about 1706 at Murderkill Hundred, Del. He was married to Agnes Caldwell about 1730. She was the daughter of Andrew Caldwell and Margaret (Train) Caldwell. Her birthdate is unknown. She was born in Kent County, Del., and was living as late as Jan. 2, 1792.  Joseph Skidmore died before March 17, 1778, at Ruddle, (W) Va.


SKIDMORE, Major John  (#9), son of Joseph (#8) and Agnes (Caldwell) Skidmore, was born June 10, 1736, at Little York, Del. He was married about 1760 to Mary Magdalena "Polly" (Henckel). She was born Feb. 1, 1743,  in Pennsylvania, the daughter of John Justus and Mary Magdalena (Eschmann) Henckel. John Skidmore was a landowner and an original justice of Pendleton County. As  a captain, he was wounded twice in the battle of Point Pleasant. He served as High Sheriff and Overseer of the Poor. John Skidmore died Oct. 12, 1809, in Pendleton County, (W) Va. , and is buried on his farm near  Franklin,  W.Va. His wife died Oct. 18, 1829, in Pendleton County, (W) Va.


SKIDMORE, Levi (#10), son of John (#9) and Mary Magdalena (Henckel) Skidmore, was born about 1783 in Pendleton County, (W) Va. He was married June 15, 1810, to Nancy Belknap, daughter of Thomas Belknap. She was born about 1792 in Pennsylvania. Her death date is unknown but she was living in 1870. She is buried in Braxton Cemetery. Levi Skidmore died April 15, 1828, in Holly, (W) Va.

Their children:

Isaac, born Sept.18, 18ll,  married Lucinda Coger, died Oct. 21, 1888.

Hannah, born 1813. Died in childhood.

Thomas, born 1816.    

Jane, born 1817. Married John Ware. Died before June 20, 1844.

Mary Louisa, born 1819. Married Isaac Hines. She died Dec. 9, 1873.

Susanna, born 1821. Married Hiram Hines on Dec. 3, 1840.

Phebe, born 1822. She married Jonathan H. Burke in 1850. She died in 1880.

Elijah, born1824. Married Lucinda Wright. He was one of the petitioners in 1859 to the General Asembly of Virginia for the formation of what became Webster County. The first court for the new county seat sat in 1860 at his house then under construction. He was an activist in the partisan Confederate unit known as the "Webster Dare Devils." He died Oct. 12, 1865.

Elizabeth, born 1825. She married (1) William P. Ellison and (2) Henry Cole.

Delilah,  born Jan. 16, 1827. She married Jordan Cogar.. She died Oct. 8, 1919.

John, born May 13, 1828 (posthumous child). He married (1) Elizabeth Lynch and (2) Mary Boyd, a widow.


SKIDMORE, Isaac (#ll), son of Levi (#10) and Nancy (Belknap) Skidmore, was born Sept. 18, 1811, at Bath County, Va. He was married Sept. 21, 1846, to Lucinda Coger. She was born May 9, 1824. She died Oct. 21, 1889. Isaac Skidmore died Oct. 21, 1888, at Braxton County, (W) Va.


Their children:

Francena, born Nov. 23, 1847. Married Thomas Lough. Died May 9, 1925.

Samuel K.,  born Nov. 23, 1829. Married Savannah Brake. Died July 29, 1916.

Mary, born May 7, 1853, married David S. Morton. Died Aug. 11, 1930.

Margaret S., born Sept. 7, 1855, married James Hamric. Died Sept. 9, 1893.

Theodore G.,  born Dec. 20, 1858, married Louisiana Ware.  Died Aug. 12, 1936.

Felix B., born June 18, 1860. Died as an infant.

Phebe Jane, born July 20, 1863, married Samuel J. Skidmore. Was living in 1955.

Luther Cummings, born June 10, 1865, married Francena E. Carpenter. Died Nov. 6, 1942

 Pierson B.,  born Nov. 22, 1868, married Laverna Alice  Ware. Died April 26, 1927.


SKIDMORE, Theodore Given, (#12) son of Isaac (#11) and Lucinda (Coger) Skidmore, was born Dec. 9, 1858, at Braxton County, W. Va.  He was married Jan. 20, 1880, to Louisiana Ware. She was the daughter of Andrew  and Sarah (McVane) Ware. She was born May 30, 1859, in Braxton County, W.Va. She died at age 83 on Feb. 15, 1913, at Buckhannon, W.Va., and is buried on the family farm atop Ware Mountain in Braxton County, W. Va. Theodore Skidmore, age 77, died Aug. 12, 1936, at Centralia, W.Va., and is buried at Sutton Cemetery.


Their children:


Cora Lee, born Dec. 13, 1883,  in Centralia, W.Va., married Fred H.; Sweitzer,  Oct. 21, 1916. She died Aug. 14, 1954.


Della Mae, born Feb. 25, 1886, in Centralia, W.Va., married Robert Denzil Smith on Jan. 8, 19l3., at Camden-on-Gauley, W.Va. Robert Denzil Smith was born May 31, 1890, in Pine City, Maripa, CA, the son of Kelly  and Ella Orpha (Evans) Smith. He died Feb. 1, 1925, at Elkins, W. Va. Their children: Willard Lorry Smith, born June 26, 1915, in Arlington, W.Va. He was married to Elma Irene    Lanham April 12, 1952. He died April 28, 1963.  Regina Robertine, born July 6, 1918, at Elkins, W.Va. She married Guy Mundell. Janice Ruth, who was born Nov. 14, l920, at Elkins, W.Va. She married Ralph Hamrick, from whom she later was divorced.


 Mallissie E.,  (aka Mollissey) born  Feb. 22, 1889,  at Centralia, W.Va. , died of scarlet fever at age of 8 years on Dec. 30, 1897.


  Stanton Evard, born July 13, 1891, married Lottie Gay Gillespie,  Olive Gertrude Corey, and Elizabeth Neel. He died  Jan. 3, 1979, at Morgantown, W.Va. The children of Stanton and Lottie Skidmore were: Arden Cebert, Kermit Alphaeus,  Lucille Marie, Arnold,  Annagene "Jeanne," and Stanalene.


 Stanley E., born Aug. 18, 1895, died  of scarlet fever at age 2 1/2 on Jan. 10, 1898, two weeks after his sister died.


Lillie Ethel, born May 24, 1897,  at Centralia, W. Va., married Jasper  K. Lewis on Jan. 22, 1918. She died Dec. 5. 1983, at Buckhannon, W. Va. Their children: Harold E. Lewis, Kay Viola, Iris Baisden, Billie White, Vonda Scardina, Lenna Sturm, Daisy Tousignant, Ethel McNeely and Nina Hatchell.


Audray Media, born April 9, 1910, an orphan, was adopted June 15, 1911.Death date unknown.


SKIDMORE, Stanton Evard (#13), son of Theodore  (#12) and Louisiana (Ware) Skidmore, was born July 13, 1891, at Centralia, W.Va. He was married April 23, 1913, to Lottie Gay Gillespie. She was born Feb. 25, 1894, at Holly, W.Va., the daughter of Jacob Steven Gillespie and Margaret Jane (Skidmore) Gillespie.  Jacob Gillespie, born May 3, 1874 , at Braxton County, W.Va., was the son of Griffin and Nannie (Shaver) Gillespie. Margaret Jane  Skidmore, born Feb. 26, 1876, at Braxton County, W.Va., was the daughter of Matthew and Salina (Knight) Skidmore. She died at age 66 from complications of diabetes. Jacob and Margaret's children, besides Lottie, were: Cecil, Leonard, Kermit, Charles, Henry and Beatrice. Lottie Skidmore died Sept. 26, 1944,  of a cerebral hemorrhage. Stanton  Skidmore married (2) Olive Gertrude Corey on July 24, 1946. She was born Feb. 4, 1918, in Morgantown, W. Va., the daughter of Oliver and Anecia (Trickett) Corey. Stanton and Olive Skidmore later were divorced. She died Feb. 23, 1996, at Morgantown, W. Va. He married (3) Elizabeth Brownfield Neel on Dec. 7l, 1963. She died of diabetes complications on Oct. 11, 1989, at Morgantown, W. Va. Stanton Skidmore died Jan. 3, 1979, from cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer. He is buried beside his wives, Lottie and Elizabeth, in Beverly Hills Cemetery at Morgantown, W. Va.


The children of Stanton and Lottie Skidmore:


Arden Cebert (#14), born March  11, 1914,  at Holly, W. Va., married Joan Bolles, daughter of Edwin and  Zelda Bolles, of Oil City, Pa., on  July 27, 1940, in Morgantown, W.Va.  She died April 9, 1990. The children of Arden and Joan Skidmore:  Kent Edwin,  Sally Karen, and Kathleen Anne.


Kermit Alphaeus (#15), born April 15,  1916, at Holly, W.Va., married Marie Elizabeth Carroll, born July  3, 1920, in Monongalia County, W.Va., daughter of Dolph Reed Carroll and Lillian Pearl (Mitchell);  Carroll, on Aug. 30, 1939. She died Sept. 12, 1994. Their child:  Lana Jean.


Lucille Marie (#16),  born April 2, 1921,  at Sutton, W. Va., married Robert Jackson Smith  on Aug. 10, 1942.  He was born Feb. 13, 1919,  at Weston, W. Va, the son of Ralph and Helen Edyth (Miller) Smith.  Lucille  died  of breast cancer March 22, 1978, in Upland, Calif. Robert died  of a heart attack April 26, 1977, at Upland.  Their children: David Lee, Cynthia Anne, Karen Marie, Kathleen Lynne, Rebecca Jean, Robert Evard, Ralph Sylvanus, Richard Stanton,  Patricia Jeannine, and John Frederick.


Arnold (#17), 1 day old, born and died on  Feb. 16, 1922, at Morgantown, W.Va.  Mother had contracted German measles in first trimester of the pregnancy.


Annagene "Jeanne" (#18),  born Aug. 26, 1924,  at Morgantown, W. Va., married Joseph John Boylan  on Nov. 24, 1949.  He died Sept. 11, 1982. Their children: Maureen Elizabeth and Mark Steven.


Stanalene "Stannie" (#19), born Nov. 26, 1926, at Morgantown, W.Va., married Arvel F. Anderson, Jr., son of Arvel and Trella Marie (Barnhisel) Anderson, on April 27, 1950. He was born Nov. 27, 1926, at Liberty, Mo. Stanalene and Arvel later were divorced. Their children: William Arvel and Michael Stanton.



Grandchildren of Stanton and Lottie Skidmore


ANDERSON, Michael Stanton  (#20), son of Arvel F. Anderson, Jr., and Stanalene  (Skidmore) Anderson (#19).  He was born Dec. 3, 1954, in Dade County, Fla.


ANDERSON, William Arvel,  (#21), son of Arvel F. Anderson, Jr., and Stanalene  (Skidmore) Anderson, (#19), was born July 23, 1952, in Warren, Ohio. He died in an accident Oct. 25, 1970, at age 18 and is buried at Topeka, Kan.


BILBAO, Karen Marie (#22), daughter of Robert and Lucille  (Skidmore) Smith (#16), was born Jan. 2, 1949, at Morgantown, W.Va. She married Jerry Gazley. Their children: Crystal Lynne and Jerry Robert. They later were  divorced. She later married Juan Bilbao on Oct. 4, 1977. He died Oct. 5, 1994. Child: Andres Guido Bilbao.


BOYLAN, Mark Steven (#23), son of Joseph and Annagene "Jeanne" (Skidmore)  Boylan (#18),  was born April 13, 1955, at Baltimore, Md. He married Ladde "Nid" Srisvwan May 6, 1988. Their children: Jordan Ann and Alexandria Marie.


CARPENTER, Kathleen Anne (Skidmore) (#24), daughter of Arden (#14) and Joan (Bolles)  Skidmore, was born March 14, 1954, in Philadelphia., Pa. She married Edward Ronald Carpenter on Nov. 18, 1978.  He was born Aug. 8, 1946, in Chattanooga, Tenn. Their children: Kelly Anne and Eric Edward.


 COX, Cynthia Anne (Smith) (#25), daughter of Robert and Lucille  (Skidmore) Smith (#16), was born May 5, 1947, at Morgantown, W.Va. She first was married to  Vincenzo Geronomino "Jimmy" Gaglio on March 3, 1968. They later were divorced. Their child: Annette Michelle.  She later married William Robert McAuley, on Sept. 14, 1974. He was born July 26, 1945, at Toronto, Canada. They later  were divorced. Their children: Michael Robert and Scott Cameron. She married Wayne Cox on Jan. 9, l988. He was born Oct. 6, 1948, at Hamilton Field, CA.


JOHNSON, Kathleen Lynne (#26), daughter of Robert and Lucille  (Skidmore) (#16) Smith, was born July 28, 1950, at Morgantown, W.Va. She married Gerald Edward Johnson on Aug. 10, 1969. Their children: Stephanie DeAnne Johnson and James E. Johnson. They were divorced in 1979. She then married Jimmy R. Johnson, born May 30, 1943, son of Elvin S. and Opal (Williams) Johnson. Jimmy Johnson and his first wife,  Patsy (Galler) Johnson, had two children, Bonnie Lynne (Johnson) Kutach and Randy Ray Johnson. They were divorced.


KNORR, Maureen Elizabeth (#27), daughter of Joseph and Annagene "Jeanne" (Skidmore)  (#18) Boylan, was born Dec. 16, 1950, in Baltimore, Md.  She married Robert John Knorr Oct. 12, 1968. They were divorced Oct. 31, 1975. Their children: Dawn Elizabeth (Knorr) Thomas and Robert Warren "Rob" Knorr.


KUTYLA, Sally Karen (Skidmore) (#28), daughter of Arden (#14) and Joan (Bolles) Skidmore, was born Oct. 11, 1950, in Philadelphia,Pa. She married John Kutyla on July 9, 1983. He was born  Oct. 31, 1951, at Jenkins, Pa., the son of  Peter and Cecelia (Klimek) Kutyla.


SHRIDER, Lana Jean (Skidmore), (#29) daughter of Kermit A. (#15) and Marie (Carroll) Skidmore, was born  Jan. 16, 1940, in Morgantown, W.Va. She married  Robert E. Shrider,  in 1970. He was the son of Byron and Pauline (White) Shrider.  Their child: Robert E.  Shrider, Jr.


SKIDMORE, Kent Edwin (#30),  son of Arden (#14) and Joan (Bolles) Skidmore, was born March 16, 1943,  in Pittsburgh, Pa. He married Barbara Collins on Sept. 24, l966. She was born July 18, 1947,  the daughter of Edward Albert Collins, Jr., and Anne (Piersol) Collins, at Bryn Mawr, Pa.  Their children: Sarah Paige and Matthew Adam.


SMITH, David Lee (#31),  son of Robert J. and Lucille  (Skidmore) Smith (#16),  was born Feb. 22, 1945, at Morgantown, W.Va. He married Martha Bennett July 14, 1969. They  later were divorced.  Their child: William Robert Smith, died  shortly after birth in August 1973.


SMITH, John Frederick,  (#32) son of Robert J.  and Lucille  (Skidmore) (#16) Smith, was born Aug. 17, 1964,  in Upland, CA. He  was married to  Valerie  (Brown) Smith. They were the parents of: Amanda Marie,  Aaron Michael and Ryan John.


SMITH, Patricia Jeannine (#33) , daughter of Robert and Lucille (Skidmore) (#16) Smith, was born July 18, 1962, at Upland, CA.  She and John Herbst Randall, born July 18, 1962, at Ottumwa, Iowa, were parents of Daniel John Smith, born Jan. 11, 1981, at Upland, CA. She married Steven Paul Thomas Boczkowski on Oct. 29, 1988. They were divorced on Feb. 14, 1994. Their child: Jasmyn Marie Smith Boczkowski.


SMITH, Ralph Sylvanus, (#34) son of Robert and Lucille  (#16) Smith, was born Sept. 11, 1956, at Fontana, CA. He married Sue Ann Wise on Oct. 2, 1976. She was born April 13, l958, at Wonsu, Korea. Their children: Steven Ralph and Brian Jonathan.


SMITH, Richard Stanton (#35), son of Robert and Lucille (#16) Smith, was born April 15, 1958.,  in Upland, CA. He married Tamera Weisweazer on Feb. 10, 1978.  Their children: Robert, Richard, Tamera and Tierra.


SMITH, Robert Evard  (#36),  son of Robert J.  and Lucille  (Skidmore) (#16) Smith, was born  Nov. 13, 1954, in Morgantown, W.Va.  He married Yolanda Zallejo, who was born Aug. 23, 1965.  Her child: Laura Zallejo.


WOODWARD, Rebecca Jean (#37), daughter of Robert J. and Lucille  (Skidmore) (#16) Smith, was born April 28, 1952, in Morgantown, W. Va. She was married to Terry Dean Grimmer Dec. 27, 1969. He was born Aug. 20, 1950, at Detroit, Mich. They had no children. They were divorced in 1972. She married John Morris Williams on March 27, 1973. He was born April 30, 1944, at Pueblo, Colo. This marriage was voided  in 1975 due to his multiple marriages.  She then married Gerald Grant Woodward on April 29, 1978. He was born April  14. 1944, at Kenosha, Wis.  Child of marriage to John Morris Williams: John  Michael Williams (Jamie Woodward).




BILBOA, Andres  (#38), son of .Juan Bilboa and Karen  (Smith) Bilboa (#22), was born Oct. 24, 1977, in Upland, CA.


BOCZKOWSKI, Jasmyn Marie Smith (#39), daughter of Steve and Patricia (Smith) (#33) Boczkowski, was born June 29, 1988, in Apple Valley, CA.


CARPENTER, Eric Edward  (#40), son of Edward Ronald Carpenter and Kathleen Anne (Skidmore) Carpenter (#24), was born June 13, 1988, at Chester, Pa.


CARPENTER, Kelly Anne (#41), daughter of Edward Ronald Carpenter and Kathleen Anne (Skidmore ) Carpenter (#24), was born Feb. 13, 1985, at Chester, Pa.


GAZLEY, Crystal Lynne (#42), daughter of Jerry and Karen  (Smith)  Gazley (#22), was born July 3, 1954. She married Lloyd Owen Robert Smith. They were later divorced.   Their children: Dolores  "Dolly" Michelle, Jennifer Ann, and Brian Joshua.


GAZLEY, Jerry Robert (#43), son of Jerry and Karen (Smith) Gazley (#22),  was born May 3, 1969.  He and Rochelle Annette; Rupp were the parents of Jesse Ray Gazley Rupp., born Sept. 14, l991, at Fontana, CA.  Rochelle Annette Rupp was born Dec. 28, 1966.


HAYNES, Annette Michelle"Annie"  (#44), daughter of Vincenzo Geronomino "Jimmy" and Cynthia  (Smith) Gaglio  (#25),  was born Jan. 20, 1970, at Upland, CA. She married Gregory Haynes March 2, 1991. He was born Nov. 14,  1961, at Houston, TX. Their children: Amethyst Michelle leAnne and Mica Gregory.


.JOHNSON, James E. (#45),son of Gerald and Kathleen (Smith) Johnson (#26), was born Nov. 19, 1976, at Richmond, TX.


JOHNSON, Randy Ray (#46), son of Jimmy and Patsy (Galler) Johnson, was married to Teresa Marie Warle. Their children Jonathan, Jason and Sara Rene.


JOHNSON, Stephanie DeAnne, (#47) daughter of Gerald and Kathleen (Smith Johnson  (#26),  was born June 17, 1972, at Upland, CA.


KNORR, Robert Warren "Rob" (#48), son of Robert and Maureen  (Boylan) Knorr (#27), was born June 7, 1970, at Fort Myers, Fla. He died April 25, 1992.


KUTACH,  Bonnie Lynne (#49), daughter of Jimmy and Patsy (Galler) Johnson,  was born April 23, 1963. She was married to David  Marquart. Their child: Brittany. They were divorced. She later married Steven Kutach. Their child:  Katelyn Elice.


MCAULEY,  Michael Robert  (#50), son of William Robert and Cynthia  (Smith) A. Cox (#25), was born Dec. 15, 1965, at Upland, CA. He was married to Rosella Nina Castano on May 6, 1989. She was born Dec. 5, 1961, at Ithica, N. Y.  His children: Christianna Kelly (daughter of Rosella Nina Castano) and Joshua Michael (son of Joy Virginia (Dunton) Henesey) .


MCAULEY, Scott Cameron, son of William Robert and Cynthia (Smith) A. Cox, was born July 24, 1975, at Upland, CA.


ROSS-CLUNIS, Sarah Paige (Skidmore) (#51), daughter of Kent (#30) and Barbara (Collins) Skidmore, was born Jan. 28, 1967, at Elmira, N.Y. She married Edward Alan Ross-Clunis Sept. 19, 1998.  He was born Aug. 6, 1967, at Seaford, VA.



SHRIDER, Robert E. Jr. (#49), son of Robert and Lana (Skidmore) Shrider (#29), was born April 17, 1971,  at Bradenton, Fla..


SKIDMORE, Matthew Adam (#50), son of Kent E. (#30) and Barbara (Collins) Skidmore, was born March 3, 1970, in West Chester, Pa.


SMITH,  Aaron Michael (#52), son of John  (#32) and Valerie (Brown) Smith, was born  Aug. 8, 1991, in Pennsylvania.


SMITH, Amanda Marie (#53), daughter of John (#32) and Valerie (Brown) Smith, was born Dec. 10, 1988, at Victorville, CA.


SMITH, Brian Jonathan (#54), son of Ralph (#34) and Sue (Wise) Smith, was born June 7, 1981, at Upland, CA.


SMITH, Daniel John (#55), son of Randall John Herbst and Patricia Smith  (#33), was born Jan. 11, 1981, at Upland, CA.


SMITH, Richard Jonathan (#56), son of Richard (#35)  and  Tamera  (Weisweazer) Smith, was born July 20, 1982, in Upland, CA.


SMITH, Robert Howard (#57), son of Richard  (#35) and  Tamera (Weisweazer) Smith, was born July 8, 1980, in Upland, CA.


SMITH, Ryan John (#58), son of John (#32) and Valerie (Brown) Smith, was born July 1, 1996, at San Bernardino, CA.


SMITH, Steven Ralph (#59), son of Ralph (#34) and Sue (Wise) Smith, was born June 9, 1958, at Fontana, CA.


SMITH, Tamera Lynne (#60), daughter of Richard (#35) and Tamera  (Weisweazer) Smith, was born Feb. 28, 1984, in Upland, CA.


SMITH, Tierra Lee (#61), daughter of Richard (#35 ) and Tamera  (Weisweazer) Smith, was born July 25, 1985, in Upland, CA.


THOMAS, Dawn Elizabeth (Knorr) (#62),  daughter of Robert and Maureen  (Boylan) Knorr (#27),  was born Jan. 19, 1969., at Fort Myers, Fla. She married Jerry Lee Petty, Jr., on Dec. 31, 1987. They were divorced April 15, 1994. She married James Christopher Thomas on Nov. 18, 1994.  Children of Jerry and Dawn Petty: Jerry  Lee III and Joshua Robert.


WILLIAMS, John Michael (#63), (Jamie Woodward),  son of John Morris Willliams and Rebecca Jean (Skidmore) (#37) Williams,  was born Jan. 12, 1974, at Upland, CA.


WOODWARD, Jamie  (#63), son of John Morris Williams and Rebecca Jean (#37 ) Williams, was born Jan. 12, 1974, at Upland, CA.


ZALLEGO, Laura (#64), stepdaughter of Robert Evard Smith (#36 ) and daughter of Yolanda Smith, was born Jan. 9, 1981.





BOYLAN, Alexandria Marie (#65), daughter of Mark (#23) and Ladde (Srisvwan) Boylan, was born Dec. 25, l993, in Saudi Arabia.


BOYLAN, Jordan Ann (#66), daughter of Mark (#23) and Ladde  (Srisvwan) Boylan, was born Dec. 3, l989, in Saudi Arabia.


HAYNES, Amethyst Michelle leAnne (#67), daughter of Neal Gregory Haynes and Annette  Haynes (#44 ), was born July 21, 1991, at Berlin, Germany.


HAYNES, Mica Gregory (#68), son of Neal Gregory Haynes and Annette Haynes (#44 )  was born Feb. 13, 1993, at March Air Force Base, Riverside, CA.


JOHNSON, Jason (#69), adopted son of Randy and Teresa (Warley) Johnson, was born Aug. 7, 1986, at Houston, TX.


JOHNSON, JONATHAN (#70), adopted son of Randy and Teresa (Warley) Johnson, was born April 18, 1985, at Kingman, AZ.


 JOHNSON, Sara Rene (#71), daughter of Randy and Teresa (Warley) Johnson, was born Feb. 7, 1997, at Houston, TX.


KUTACH, Katelyn Elice (#72), daughter of Steven  and  Bonnie  (#49)  Kutach,  was born Oct. 7, 1996, in Wharton, TX.


MARQUART, Brittany (#73), daughter of David and Bonnie (#49)  Marquart, was born Feb. 2, 1985, in  Kerrville, TX.


McAULEY, Christianna Kelly (#74). daughter of Michael (#50) and Rosella (Castano) McAuley, was born Aug. 4, 1989, at Castro Valley, CA


McAULEY, Joshua Michael (#71), son of Michael (#50) and Joy Virginia (Dunton) Henesey, was born April 13, 2001, at Riverside, CA.


PETTY, Jerry Lee III  (#72), son of Jerry Lee Petty, Jr.,  and Dawn (Knorr) Petty (#62), was born Feb. 11, 1987, at Grand Rapids, Mich.


PETTY, Joshua Robert (#73), son of Jerry Lee Petty , Jr., and Dawn  (Knorr) Petty (#62), was born June 1, 1989, at Grand Rapids, Mich.


RUPP, Jesse Ray (#74), son of Jerry Robert Gazley (#43) and Rochelle Annette Rupp, was born Sept. 14, 1991, in Fontana, CA.


SMITH, Brian Joshua (#75), son of Crystal  (Gazely) (#42) and Lloyd Owen Robert Smith, was born May 18, 1989.


SMITH, Dolores "Dolly" Michelle (#76), daughter of Crystal (#42 ) and Lloyd Owen Robert Smith, was born Nov. 10, 1984.


SMITH, Jennifer Ann (#77), daughter of Crystal (#42 ) and Lloyd Owen Robert Smith, was born March 21, 1986.


ZALLEJO, Alex (#78), son of Laura Zallejo (#64), was born April 4, 1996.


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