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The images (tiled panels and borders) are organized by the Celtic technique used to create them:

Each page contains both borders (used to separate parts of a page) and panels (that "tile" to form seamless Web page or window backgrounds).  Each page is then divided into sections by the underlying original pattern used.  

For example, several panels and borders are based on a pattern from the Book of Lindisfarne folio 95 and the Book of Kells folio 124R.  The basic pattern looks like:

The Knotwork page includes several clip-art images based on this underlying pattern, followed by images from another pattern and so on. The annotation includes the original, primary source for each design, and provides as much background as possible.  If the pattern was found pre-analyzed in a secondary source document, the document reference is included--see the Tutorial Bibliography for the list of source documents.

All the images in these pages are either GIF files (16 or 256 color) or 24-bit .JPG files.

For convenience, the backgrounds and panels found in this collection are all included in the (3.1MB) archive.

Using Images from this Site

Hope you enjoy and can use some of these in your own work!  If you do, please download them rather than linking.   Also, please acknowledge the source and provide a back link to my main home page:


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